How to Take Care of Your Socks

I've been selling socks for a long time. Believe it or not I am passionate about extraordinary socks and daring colours. 

However, the best compliment I receive is about how comfortable the Nic Harry bamboo socks are. I haven't worn anything else in 5 years so my feet swear by bamboo. 

Over the past 1825 days selling socks I have also seen some pretty incredible feet, toenails, rips, holes and sock-ladders from customer all over the world. Sometimes it's good to remember how to care for your luxurious bamboo socks. 

Here are a few tips from me to you: 

1. Trim your toenails

There really isn't a better tip than this one to make your socks last longer. Trim those big bad big toes. They are #1 on the wanted list of crimes agains extraordinary.

2. Wash your socks inside out

This helps with the threads coming loose, the dirt being cleaned and generally keeps your socks in a much more friendly condition. Trust me, this one works. 

3. Hang dry

Do not tumble dry your socks. They will more than likely shrink. The heat will damage the fibers and your socks wont last as long. Drip dry them. It's the only humane thing to do. 

4. Slow down

Every morning I take a few minutes to think about my planned outfit and the socks I want to wear to bring it all together (or sometimes rip the outfit apart). Taking this minute slows me down and prepares me for my day. The next move is critical. I sit down, slowly put my comfy bamboo socks onto my foot and then use a shoe-horn to help my foot into my shoe. It sounds obvious and really simple but this trick saves the heal of my sock from lots of holes. 

Wear and tear is a real thing. The more pairs you own, the less frequently you will wear and wash your socks. This will mean they hang around your closet for longer. If you wear them every day, they're bound to wear down, that's the nature of a soft, natural fiber like bamboo. 
I hope this was a helpful quick little email that keeps your socks lasting longer!

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