Our first year

Believe it or not, NicSocks is 1 year old today. Right now. This very day. I could not be happier that we've managed to weather what many startups rightfully feel is the toughest part of a business; year 1! Many people thought I was absolutely crazy to start a company selling a real product, making it in South Africa with the aim of shipping globally. I'm ecstatic to report that we managed to do that and much more. NicSocks now ships to over 10 countries globally, we cater to thousands of happy customers and continue to produce locally from start to finish (fabric, labour, manufacturing, packaging, etc etc). 2014 is going to be a great year for socks. We're going to be expanding into wild and wonderful arenas, partnering with more incredible local designers and hopefully roping in some of the greatest artists that our country has to offer. For now, pull up your socks and swagger down the street. Thank you all for you support, feedback and feet. -- Sincerely, Nic Haralambous Founder of NicSocks
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