Sock it to me: Our Vision

Herewith the NicSocks manifesto:

We believe that style starts with a decision. To be aware, to be conscious, To go through life with purpose, To have a vision. To accept the things that can’t be changed with a LOL, And to create the rest with integrity. To consider every detail, And to entrust the big picture’s success to the smart, small decisions that get you there, Starting with your socks.

I remember back in the day when socks weren't as trendy as they are now, yes, such a day did exist. What I wanted to add to the equation was a little bit of joy for the person receiving the socks. Whether you’re buying the socks for yourself or for someone else, I wanted the experience to be very gift­like, one of life’s little surprises. The other challenge I aim to meet is the delivery of the socks both locally and internationally ­­you can’t simply toss a pair of socks into the postal service and hope for the best. With that, I decided to double­wrap the socks with sturdy paper, and take all the necessary steps to ensure your fresh, crisp set of NicSocks make it to you on time and on point. I want men to feel like they are giving themselves a tiny gift when they receive a pair of Nicsocks, a treat for the self and a style to be proud of. To find out exactly what the packaging looks like, you’ll need to unpack one for yourself, so take a look around and find a fit your feet will thank you for!
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