The New NicSocks Packaging

NicSocks have been packaged in two different ways since we launched in November last year. We've been working hard on giving our Sockaholics the very best unpacking experience possible and I think we've arrived at a fantastic way to present you with your socks. After some research into our past 8 months of sales and realised that you love to buy 3 pairs of socks at a time. So we went ahead and created a sock box to suite just this order. So now, if you order 3 pairs of socks you'll get them perfectly, snuggly packaged in our ornate NicSocks black box. Not only does this help us cut down less trees to provide you with packaging but gives us a versatility when we're sending you 1, 6 or as many pairs as we can mix and match in our black boxes! So without any further delay, here's what you can expect in the future when you order a pair of NicSocks: NSBox1NSBox2
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