Style Q&A with Vito Casiello

Style Q&A with Vito Casiello

Vito Casiello, Marketing and Communications Manager for Italian-South African Chamber of Trade & Industries, is a stylishly successful business man who shares his tips and tricks on what his style is all about. Nic Harry: What is your favourite item of clothing? Vito Casiello: My suspenders - great thing is they can go with everything and add that little bit of 'me' flavour. NH: What is the oldest item of clothing you own? VC: I have become very attached to my scarves. NH: Who is your favourite fashion designer?  VC: I enjoy mixing my fashion styles and dress, very Italian. NH: What was your favourite item of clothing as child? VC: I would not go anywhere without a tie. It made me feel good and still does. NH: How many suits do you own? VC: I work in a corporate world where suits are necessary and important, so I own quite a few. They create a sense of professionalism and allow me to get into the zone for my task at hand. NH: How often do you wear a tie? VC: As much as I can, they are my favourite item of clothing. NH: Favourite accessory? VC: I do not go anywhere without a favourite watch and wrist band. NH: How often do you shop for clothing? VC: I enjoy the new fashion trends and am always on the lookout for a new, fashionable item, be it online or in a shop. Whenever I am in Italy I am sure to buy a few things. NH: Do you shop online for clothes and where? VC: Online I shop at mainly. However if I find a stunning item I will purchase it, no matter where it is. NH: What’s the last thing you bought online? VC: I wouldn't say I bought it online, but the last package I received came from my family in Italy, jeans and shirts. NH: Your least favourite thing to wear? VC: I like to look neat, respectable and fashionable, so I am generally open to  wearing anything that creates that feeling for me. NH: When was the last time you did the washing yourself and hung the clothes? VC: I do washing whenever it is needed and am not scared to do it myself. NH: What kind of a shopper are you? Dash and leave or meander and browse? VC: I dash and leave when time does not allow, however I do meander and browse if I have time or am looking for a specific item or specific look. NH: Does anyone help you shop or dress? VC: No, I enjoy fashion and enjoy shopping for my own specific style. NH: Where do you look for style or fashion inspiration? Magazines, online? VC: I enjoy reading magazines and newspapers. I follow news and trends from what is happening around the world daily to fashion to food. So I am continuously updated on all platforms of communication.


Quick shots

NH: Winter or summer styles? VC: Winter NH: Sneakers or slops? VC: I enjoy both. NH: Boxers or briefs? VC: Boxers NH: Button up or t-shirt? VC: Depends on what the occasion is. NH: Denims or chinos? VC: Chinos NH: Shirts: Tucked in or left out? VC: Tucked but depends what I am doing or where I am going.  
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