8 Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

8 Items You Need in Your Wardrobe

The fundamental basics of an outfit are vitally important. These are the basics that can be worn over and over again, transcending trends while always staying in style. Depending on how often a piece will be worn, it might be a good idea to spend a bit more, to ensure lasting quality. These pieces should be looked after to maintain their longevity and maximise their uses. These are 8 wardrobe staples every man should own.

A Good Suit

First and foremost, a suit is a priority. Black, navy or grey are safe bets as they can be worn for a variety of different occasions. A suit should be tailored, well-fitting and properly looked after. Consider spending more on a good quality suit that’ll last. A suit’s versatility can be utilised through accessories like ties, pocket squares and lapel pins.

A Denim Jacket

Generally for a more casual look, the colour and type of jacket is entirely at the discretion of the wearer. Stick to a denim in one shade to avoid looking too 90s and run the risk of it going out of style.

A White Button-Down Shirt

For dress-codes that require smart or casual, a crisp white button-down shirt is essential. Keep it hanging and wrinkle free. Worn with jeans or a suit, this old faithful will never go out of style. A blue shirt is useful for the office, and a black shirt looks smart yet stylish.

Cotton T-Shirt

A well-fitted t-shirt with a pair of jeans/chinos is the ultimate summer look. Staple colours like white or black are good starting points, and can be paired with a denim jacket for casual cool.

More Than One Tie

If you're the tie-wearing kind of guy then it's best that you offer up some variety in your outfits. Ties bring the sort of variety to an outfit that's easy to acquire and maintain. Owning a plain black one is encouraged. However, it is essential for every man to own more than one tie- possibly as many as possible. Solid colours like grey and blue are useful, while boldly patterned ties add uniqueness to an outfit.


For denims that won’t go out of style, stick to slim, one colour jeans, without any distressing or rips to maximise on usage and minimise on repairs. You can go for what's trendy, but try to avoid any bedazzling. Keep it simple.

Well Fitted Chinos

Chinos are a good alternative to jeans, and are deemed more appropriate for certain dress codes. Navy or khaki are the best bet for pairing with other items, but also invest in different colours to incorporate variety into everyday dressing.

Good Quality Shoes

Don’t compromise on your feet. Invest in good quality shoes for sporting activities, everyday wear and smart occasions. Shoes should be looked after and treated to regular cleaning if need be.

BONUS: Bold Socks!

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