How to dress your age

How to dress your age

Being comfortable in your clothes is one of the most important aspects of dressing with style. The confident stride, the slight smile or the spring in your step all say one thing: here’s a man who is sure of himself. Feeling comfortable projects confidence, which is something most people pick up on. Therefore the clothing you buy or choose to wear should reflect your taste, age and shape, rather than attempting to keep up with the latest trends, and feeling uncomfortable for it. Dressing for your age is an important part of dressing well.

Dressing For Your Twenties

Yes your twenties are a time to have fun and try out different trends, but it should also be the period where you invest in statement pieces. A watch, a smart suit and good shoes are wise investments to consider in your twenties. They will come in handy along the way, and you'll thank your foresightedness when this is the case. It goes without saying (but just for the sake of reinforcement) buying an item because it has a funny slogan is a long term waste of money, and something you'll regret after the first time wearing it. Your twenties are usually the time when you're in good shape, but they are also a transition period- moving from university into the working world- therefore your choice of clothing is usually dictated by your job’s dress code. If this is the case, weekends can serve as the oasis to the corporate man, allowing you to cultivate your sense of style. Experimentation is encouraged.

Dressing For Your Thirties

You're older, hopefully wiser and more confident in your appearance and style. You know exactly what works for your shape and attributes, and your clothing is a representation of that. Your hair plays a vital role in this period, you might have a beard to symbolise the move from your baby-face twenties, and hopefully have found a haircut that suits your face. While your twenties were a time when you could experiment with different lengths for your hair, your thirties is about treating your hair to regular appointments and using the right products. Same goes for your skin. The importance of suits is elevated in your thirties. In your twenties it might have seemed like a uniform enforced by the man, but in your thirties, you realise the power a suit gives its wearer. This can translate into items to enhance your suit, like lapel pins, incredible socks, ties, pocket squares and bowties. While your twenties were about investing in the basics, your thirties are for stand-out items. Suits, in your thirties, can be playful and enjoyable if you dress them down with a t-shirt, your favourite pair of limited edition kicks or bright and bold extras. Enjoy maturing but do it your way.

Dressing For Your Forties

Without the metabolism of a twenty year old, your shape plays an important role in your forties. Looking after yourself is vital, as well as wearing clothing that is age-appropriate yet stylish. Don't force yourself into ill-fitting clothing. If you're slightly rounder than you used to be, embrace it and buy shirts, pants and a suit that fit your size now, not your size at 25. Some of the purchases you've made in the past will definitely fit you differently, but this can be fixed with the help of a tailor. Don't feel the need to turf everything that doesn't fit, save your favourite items and take them to be tailored. In some cases, all that is required is for the seam to be released. With your sense of style firmly established, it can become a form of uniform. Therefore the way to move away from monotonous dressing is through accessories. Watches, jackets and high quality shirts and pants are all good investments to reflect your age, while showcasing your sense of style.   We talk about this often and it's so important that it's worth reiterating: Dress to fit. Clothing that fits your size is infinitely more flattering than sucking in your stomach for 12 hours a day. And take our word for it, you'll be more comfortable and confident.
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