Style and Community

Building Entrepreneurs

Charity only takes you so far. What happens when the shoes you gave away have holes in them? What happens when the socks you gave away go thread-bare? What happens when you've taught a nation to depend on hand-outs?

South Africa needs more entrepreneurs, not more sock handouts. At Nic Harry we started our business with a small investment of R5000. We're committed to helping other young entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

We are soon to be launching a range of products called our Business Range and for each item bought in this range, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to creating entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Help us build a country of entrepreneurs, not a country of people who depend on a single sock handout.

We are actively looking for partners to help us support and grow the entrepreneurial spirit and community in South Africa. 

Planetary Awareness

At Nic Harry we give a shit about the environment. We care about recycling, reusing and making sure that we leave the world in a better place than how we found it. Yes, in truth, that isn't particularly difficult right now considering how little humans seem to care about our planet. 

That stops here and now. We are a style company that cares about where our products are made. We care about how our products are made. We care about who is making our product, selling it, wearing it and what we do with it once we're done with it. 

That's why we are slowly removing any unnecessary packaging and labelling from everything that we do. You'll notice that in our physical experiences we don't have sock labels on our socks. We use recyclable paper bags and in our head office we recycle paper, plastic and anything else that can be recycled. 

It's time style starting thinking clearly and acting intelligently. We're happily leading the way forward. 


We have removed wasteful sock labels from our stores wherever we can. If they are present, we reuse them. 

We have questioned every item in our store and asked whether it is absolutely necessary, wherever we can we are eliminating unnecessary items


The only part of our packaging that cannot be recycled are the fabric handles on our in store bags, you are welcome to return these to our stores and we will reuse them in future Nic Harry bags. 


Here's a list of items that we make use of that are recyclable: 

Tissue paper


NicHarry cards

Worn socks - please return to NicHarry for recycling

Plastic courier bags used for online purchases