Best Shoe Stores in South Africa

Best Shoe Stores in South Africa

Finding the right pair of shoes, or one that takes your fancy can be a bit tricky at times. Some stores don’t have your size or they just don’t have the style of shoe you are looking for.

Let’s be real, shoes are a vital part of any gents wardrobe. The right pair for the right occasion can take your outfit from 0-100 really quick, and the wrong pair can make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

South Africa has a wide range of stores that cater for all kinds of customers. Whether you are looking for a brand new pair of leather boots, new sneakers, or some leather loafers for a wedding, one of these stores below will definitely have what you are looking for.


This list is of stores that you can go into and shop yourself


Shelflife, with stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well as an online store, this is the go-to place for any of your sneaker and streetstyle needs. Shelflife is famous for having the best and newest sneakers on the market, from the moment they drop.

They often have raffles of brand new, limited edition sneakers such as Yeezy’s and Air Jordans, they are usually the only store to stock some of the most sort after sneakers in the country, and often the world.

They also stock many different caps and hats, socks, spray paint for graffiti artists and have recently started stocking different clothing brands as well as offering their own. This is the perfect place for sneakerheads and streetstyle connoisseurs.

Jack Lemkus

Jack Lemkus, also found in Cape Town CBD, is similar to Shelflife in the sense that they have a wide range of sneakers available, but where they differ is their enormous range of clothing on sale.

They also offer many different accessories such as hats, caps and sneaker cleaners. Jack Lemkus definitely does not get the attention they deserve and are well worth the effort when you are in the Mother City.

Tread & Miller

Tread & Miller may be the new kid on the block when it comes to leather formal shoes, but they are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. With a wide range of formal shoes made of the best quality leather, they are definitely worth the visit.

Not only do they offer leather shoes and casual sneakers, they also have a range of leather accessories such as wallets and belts. They have a selection of hats and watches too if you are wanting to add something more dapper to your wardrobe.

Shoe City

Shoe City has been around for a long time now and a store can be found in most cities across the country. They offer a very wide range of shoes and styles at very reasonable prices.

Not only do they have formal shoes, but they have many styles of casual sneakers, boots, slip ons and whatever else you could want. With the wide range and many stores, it is easy to find a shop and a style you will like.


Superga is on this list due to the fact that the Superga style of shoe has been very popular for a long time. They are very easy to spot and almost everyone has owned a pair before. If sneakers are your thing but you don’t want to spend too much money, Supergas are for you.


This list is of online stores that deliver to almost every corner of the country and are great for anyone living somewhere without a decent shoe or sneaker store near them


Superbalist needs no introduction. They have become a juggernaut in the online fashion world and their massive range and very competitive deals and specials make it clear why they are so popular.

Superbalist has a very wide range of shoes on their site, ranging from sneakers to formal shoes and boots. They also have shoes from every popular brand such as Nike and Adidas and can offer many different colourways and sizes.

Considering their huge collection of clothing, Superbalist can almost be your one stop store for everything you need fashion wise. You can pick up a pair of shoes and a new outfit with a few clicks, no matter where you are in the country.


Zando can be called the original daddy of online fashion stores. Even today, they still have a massive range of shoes, clothing and accessories for anybody and everybody, and if you have exhausted every other avenue, we are sure you will find what you are looking for here.

Europa Art

Europe Art is a bit of a dark horse on our list, but they should definitely not be overlooked. They offer shoes for the more discerning gent, with formal and classy shoes being their main selling point.

There are leather, suede and faux leather options, with many different styles as well as colours on offer. No matter where you are from or what you like, they will have a pair of shoes that will be perfect for the office, a wedding, or just for styling up on the weekend.


Spree often gets mistaken as a store for the ladies, with not much to offer the gents. With a little searching though, they do have a trove of great shoes for the guys. Not only that, but their clothing and accessory section is one not to be missed.

Once again, they have a range of casual and formal shoes from many different brands, in a range of sizes, styles and colours. They also have incredible sales regularly, allowing you to pick up a pair at a great price.

Never feel like you can’t find the right pair of shoes again with this list, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for, as well as some surprises you never thought you wanted. Never underestimate the power of the perfect pair of shoes.

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