Top Company Swag Ideas

Top Company Swag Ideas

Company swag is company branded merchandise that businesses either hand out at conventions, trade shows, or to their employees and potential clients. These gifts can be used as small rewards for employees, or as a way to advertise the company.

Customized Socks

Having company branded or personalized socks for your employees is a brilliant, little gift, especially during winter. Branded socks are also relatively cheap and are a great way to celebrate a landmark for the company or a gift for employees.

Nic Harry offers corporate branding on socks and can fulfill almost any order you require.

Engraved Leather Notebooks

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone that they use to keep track of their schedule, important meetings, and notes. But a beautifully bound leather notebook is still a classic gift for anyone in business.

Especially if you are in the printing business, a publisher or a media house; these notebooks are not only relevant to your business, but they are also something that can be used regularly and spoken about, giving you free advertising.

Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are a more expensive gift, but they are incredibly functional as well. If you have a business that requires your staff to be on the roads, ensuring their devices are constantly charged is a necessity.

These solar chargers are also versatile gifts for companies who focus on electricity and environmental protection. They can use them as corporate gifts for their employees, or more importantly, at conventions. This can help spread the message of green power.

Gift Bundles

Gift bundles are great presents to hand out to employees on their birthdays or at the end of year function. They are also useful at conventions or trade shows, as you can run small competitions to win one; not only encouraging people to visit your stand but to take home some of your merchandise.

These types of bundles are useful as they attract people to interact with your brand and to take part in company activities, this also gives businesses the chance to talk to potential clients about their products or services.

Engraved Pens

Engraved pens would fall into the category of more expensive gifts. These are often handed out larger businesses, as customized or company engraved pens are used more often in the corporate world.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags are great for travel agencies and companies who have employees who are often required to travel. Not only do they allow for constant advertising, but they are also useful items for customers when they travel.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are great pieces of gear to improve productivity in the workplace. No need to worry about cables or having to keep your phone nearby, you can make and receive calls no matter where you are.

These headphones are also brilliant gifts, and putting your company logo on them once again, gives you great advertising. - image credit. 

Customized Battery Pack

Much like the solar chargers, external battery packs are brilliant for companies with employees who are constantly traveling or on the road. It is necessary to always stay in contact.

Desktop Punching Bag

A desktop punching bag is more of a novelty stress reliever, but there are still great gifts for employees. You can find them online at reasonable prices and are a fun alternative to regular stress balls.

Engraved Business Card Holder

Business cards may seem a bit outdated, but they are still incredibly useful in the business world and they are still very common, especially in the convention and expo worlds. Having a customized card holder to bring out or hand out really does add a touch of class.

These are also relatively cheap to purchase, and therefore are great for smaller companies or new companies looking to advertise more or to hand out gifts to clients or to their employees.

Company Backpacks

Another very useful bit of swag is branded backpacks. These are great to hand out to employees, clients, and customers. They are also very versatile as you can brand them and use them for either work or travel.

This means that many different types of companies can hand out and brand backpacks and still keep them relevant to their business.

Customized USB Sticks

Nowadays, and for a very long time, USB sticks have been incredibly popular amongst businesses. Not only are they the quickest way to move large pieces of information, but everyone always wants or needs one.

This means that having uniquely branded USB memory sticks will make you the most popular booth at any convention. The novelty of them will draw people in, giving you the chance to interact with potential customers and clients.

Company Mugs

Another simple idea is branding coffee mugs. Not only are these gifts very useful and will be used constantly by everyone who gets one, but they are another cheap alternative to mass branding.

These mugs can be part of gift bundles, handed out to employees, and given to customers who buy a product at a trade show or sign up for your services. They are versatile and well-liked.

Unique Corporate Gifts

Sometimes there isn’t anything that already exists that you would like to use as corporate swag, but you would like to stand out from the crowd. This is where some imagination can be incredibly useful in creating a gift or small item that is completely unique.

For instance, an architecture firm can place their business details a small piece of card that can then be folded into a house, or a car company can hand out small remote control versions of the cars they sell. Either way, it’s something unique and fun, and definitely memorable.


Corporate swag is a very versatile and useful concept, not only do you get to reward your employees, customers and potential clients, but if the gear is cool enough, it will draw people into your brand and business.

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