Men’s Summer Outfits

Men’s Summer Outfits

Winter is the time for coats, jeans, and jerseys. The cold weather forcing you to layer up in your winter best, but it is also the time when you start thinking and planning ahead, deciding what your summer style is going to be when the days get longer and the temperature starts to rise.

Summer is one of the best seasons for personal style since you usually have the most freedom. Shorts and tees, casual jackets and jeans are all possible, and you can even use some of your winter layers on cooler nights.

Men’s Summer Fashion

We are going to run through some of our favourite summer must-haves, and some items that you should definitely be included in your summer wardrobe.


T-shirts have always been a staple during Summer, have been for many years, and will be for many more. They are simple to style, easy to wear with anything, and can easily fit into a casual or more formal look.

Neutral colours are the easiest tees to pull off as they can be used as a backdrop for the rest of your outfit. If you are into patterns and designs, keep the rest of your outfit simple or you will end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

A white tee is obviously the most simple and basic tee you can buy. They are very versatile and easy to wear with absolutely anything. These are perfect for casual days by the pool or pairing with a dinner or lounge jacket for a more formal event.

Black tees have the same versatility and are once again great if you are pairing it with some more colourful patterned shorts or jacket. Patterned or colourful tees work better on their own, as they are sometimes difficult to pair with a pinstripe or checkered jacket, or shorts that have a different pattern or colours that clash.


Another obvious summer must have are shorts. We know there are some guys who love their jeans all year round, but sometimes jeans just won’t cut it, or it just gets too hot to slip on your favorite pair of Levi’s.

Chino shorts should definitely be on your list for summer as they are a great combination of smart and casual. They are very comfortable, come in a multitude of colours, and can be worn with a tee or with a blazer.

These shorts are perfect for a day at the beach, out for a meal, or dress them up for a summer soiree. They are also incredibly easy to find and with prices varying, you can pick up a few pairs with zero problems.

Once again, simple, neutral colours are your friend, beige, dark blues etc. match with almost every type of shirt or t-shirt, and can stylishly offset a bright coloured shirt or t-shirt, offering a neutral accompaniment.

Button-Up Shirts

Now we know what you’re thinking, button-up shirts are for winter. Don’t be mistaken, button-ups are one of the many items that can easily transition into your summer wardrobe. Depending on the material, button-ups can actually be worn all year round.

Whether it be a long sleeve or a short sleeve shirt, the material of your button-up is what’s most important during the summer. You don’t want anything too heavy, something designed to keep you warm, you want something light and airy, but still with a cut and shape that keeps you styling.

A short-sleeve button-up is a must-have in any guys wardrobe, smart, casual, easy to wear, and perfect for most occasions. But if the short-sleeve look just isn’t for you, a long-sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up is the perfect alternative, and adds another level of style.

We bet you didn’t know that there are multiple ways to roll your sleeves up, check out this video for 3 easy, and stylish sleeve rolls.


There isn’t much we can say about jeans that haven’t been said before. They are staples in everybody's wardrobe, they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to ever exist, and there are so many different styles and cuts that finding a pair that doesn’t suit you is almost impossible.

Bootleg or skinny fit, there is a pair of jeans for everyone, and they are also great for summer. Maybe not on the really hot days, but in the cooler evenings out on the town, you can never go wrong with some great fitting denim.


Summer is also the time to upgrade your poolside and beach looks. The days of oversized, baggy board shorts are long gone, with super-stylish chino swim shorts making their way to the top of the swimwear pile.

Once again, there is no need to match your swim shorts with anything, so pick any colour or pattern that takes your fancy. These are a great way to express your personality or to just stand out from the crowd.


We can never forget one of the OG’s of street-style, sneakers. Summer is the time to pull out your freshies that you didn’t want to damage in the rain and bad weather, and put them on show under the sun.

There are no rules when it comes to sneakers, they don’t ever have to match what you are wearing, they don’t have to have the same colour palette as any of the clothes you have on, your sneakers go with anything and everything.

Nike, Adidas and Puma have a huge range of sneakers that will fit every person's taste and personal style, as well as having a multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. There is a sneaker for everyone, you just have to find it.

There are some classic shapes and styles that have been doing the rounds for years, such as the Nike Airmax, or many of the Air Jordan styles. Adidas have launched some instant classics recently, such as the NMD’s.


Your summer wardrobe can easily be a mix of some of your favourite winter items, paired with your summer essentials. Whether it is a hot day or a cool night, mix and match your outfits, a long-sleeve shirt with some chino shorts and sneakers, great combination of smart and casual.



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