Men's Dress Outfits

Men's Dress Outfits

When you hear “dress outfit” the first thing that comes to mind is a suit. There are many different kinds of suits for a man to choose from, and you don’t always have to go with the classic single-breasted style.

It is obvious that a suit is the best option for any formal situation, but there are suits that fit into a particular kind of situation. You wouldn’t wear a suit with tails to a wedding unless you were the groom maybe.

Fashionable Suits for Men

We will cover the 8 different types of suit that can be worn for any event, ranging from a work function to a formal occasion and a wedding. Each of these has their own unique look and in some cases, their own unique occasion.


A single-breasted suit is one that you are probably more familiar with. It has a single line of buttons and a single line of buttonholes. Buttoning up one button is the most common practice, but buttoning up 2 buttons is also sometimes done.

A single-breasted jacket is commonly worn with a waistcoat when worn for formal occasions, but its versatility allows you to wear a t-shirt underneath for a classic smart/casual look. Single breasted jackets fit into almost any occasion and should be the go-to when wanting to smarten up.


A double-breasted suit is one that has two lines of buttons and buttonholes. It is also a ventless, meaning it does not have the same flaps at the back as a regular single-breasted suit would have.

A double-breasted suit has 4 to 6 different button options, and it is sometimes referred to as an Italian style suit. Double breasted suits are sometimes favored by taller men, as they usually allow for a more elegant and slick look.

Lounge Suits

Lounge suits are kind of the in-between suit. They can be worn as either casual or formal, and are usually made of materials that are sometimes lighter or warmer, and much more comfortable to wear.

Lounge suits also come in a variety of different colours and patterns, and you can switch between wearing the suit with one button done up, two buttons, or all three for a very formal look and feel.

Dinner Suits

Dinner suits are very simple. They come in a variety of colours, darker colours are usually preferred. They can be single or double-breasted, and are the typical “black tie suit”. They also have a variety of fits, with the slim fit being the most popular at the moment.

Business Suits

Business suits are the much more smart and formal version of a lounge suit. They often come in more somber, dark colours, and the fit is usually much sharper and conservative. These come in either single or double-breasted options.

Mandarin Suits

A Mandarin suit is defined by its band collar. These suits are generally worn completely buttoned up and can be made from lighter materials. Due to the buttoning and structure of the suit, it will give you a more streamlined and leaner look.

Wedding Suits

Wedding suits are exactly what they say they are, suits that are perfect for your wedding day. Nowadays, there are many different types of cuts and fits available, allowing for versatility while still staying formal and stylish enough for the big day.


A tux is the ultimate style of suit. Worn by the rich and famous at events and ceremonies, tuxedos are considered the most stylish suit for obvious reasons. The cuts and fits are always perfect, and they suit any and every formal event and function.

Men's Dress Suit Fits

We have mentioned the fit of a suit above, but what exactly does that mean? The fit of the suit is how it forms itself around your chest, waist, shoulders, and back, and there are different fits depending on your height, weight, and your general body type.

Extreme Slim Fit

An extreme slim fit suit is for someone who wants to wear their suit, and not allow the suit to wear them. This fit is for a slim guy who wants a suit to not hang, not be baggy and to fit their form without it looking like it belonged to someone much bigger before they got their hands on it.

Slim Fit

Much like an extreme slim fit suit, a slim fit hugs your body and adapts to your shape without having excess, baggy material. The difference between extreme and slim fit is that a slim fit suit can be worn by anyone with any body shape, the same look can be achieved.

Modern Fit

A modern fit suit falls between a slim fit and a classic fit. It is not as boxy as a classic fit suit but has more room than a slim fit. These suits are great for guys who feel constricted in a slim fit but have more fashion-forward tastes.

Classic Fit

A classic fit is exactly that, the classic suit shape. It has extra room in the chest and waist area but still holds its shape nicely to ensure you don’t look like you are wearing a sack. Once again, great for guys who feel too constricted in slimmer suits.

Portly Fit

Unfortunately, not every guy can pull off a slim fit suit, some need that extra bit of room in the front. A portly suit is great for bigger guys who just want something stylish and fashionable, without feeling like they have to hold their breaths to just make it fit.


There are many different types of suits and fits that can be worn by every single guy. No matter what the occasion, or your body type, there is a suit that can fit in perfectly and seamlessly, and make you look like you just stepped off the red carpet.

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