What is a lapel pin?

A lapel pin is a small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket. Traditionally, lapel pins were worn as a symbol of an achievement, or in recognition of an organisation or cause, such as in the form of a small flag or a ribbon. Alongside lapel pins gaining a reputation as symbols of success or in honour of a cause, the movement of the boutonnière- French for ‘buttonhole’- flourished too. A boutonnière- often seen in old-school movies usually of the cheesy variety- is a floral decoration (typically a carnation), pinned to the lapel of a suit jacket or tuxedo. This is generally worn for special occasions (if worn at all), and is usually scene as the equivalent to a woman brandishing a corsage. Both traditions are quite outdated, and usually far removed from current styles. The lapel pin has become the men’s alternative to a brooch, serving as an ornamental accessory to complement an outfit, especially when worn with a suit or tuxedo.  In the past, a lapel pin used to represent exclusivity. For men’s clubs, being in possession of such an accessory allowed access to the most exclusive of societies. It symbolised the official right that a person had to be in a particular place, and with it, a man was amongst his peers. Lapel pins are also used as a sign of achievement for honour, as in the case of soldiers and citizens who have bravely accomplished something, and are adorned with symbols to represent their valiant efforts. Channelling both the exclusive feel and the courageousness associated with a lapel pin, modern lapel pins offer men the opportunity to embrace this stylish accessory, along with its defining characteristics.  However, instead of choosing a mass-produced design, men can embrace the days of the boutonnière through flower-shaped lapel pins, made from a variety of materials- like felt, available in a host of different colours. Alternatively, men can showcase their individuality through originally-shaped origami lapel pins. With unique designs like butterflies, bulls and aviators, the lapel pin is guaranteed to draw attention, and emphasise a man’s bold, yet tailored sense of style, the perfect accessory to any look.
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