5 Practical Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet

5 Practical Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet

Looking after your clothing is as important as dressing with style. Paying attention to the instructions on the labels on clothing, limiting the amount of tumble drying - bad for your clothes and the environment - and keeping clothing clean, wrinkle-free and in good condition, are all equally necessary aspects of being a modern, stylish man. Here is a list of things every man, regardless of style, age or occupation should have in his closet.

1. A shoe cleaning kit

Starting from the bottom, because shoes are often what people notice first, if not the most. Shoes of all shapes, colours and sizes are a massive trend right now, therefore keeping them in pristine condition is not only advised, it’s imperative. Shoe cleaning kits are handy as they are effective and treat the material appropriately. For dress shoes, the polish and brush are recommended. For the old-fashioned at heart, some elbow grease and soapy water can do the trick too in pinch. Don't just throw your favourite pair of kicks in with the washing. Trust us, they'll meet their demise. If you love your shoes, figure out the best way to clean them. As the old saying goes: You can judge a man by his shoes.

2. Hair grooming items (A brush/comb, electric razor and/or tweezers)

Grooming is important. Regardless of the amount of facial hair you can or cannot grow, keeping your hair groomed on your head and face is paramount. Brushing your hair is a quick task that keeps hair from looking tatty. Making sure your moustache is the right length-with no wayward hairs tickling your mouth or nose is also easy to accomplish. Keep your beard neat with some grooming items, to maintain a sophisticated, I grew-this-on-purpose exterior rather than looking like you channelled Gandalf (when he was the Grey). If you have a beard and are looking for a great balm and oil compliment, try our friends, Bonafide Beards.

3. Hangers (wooden)

This should be an obvious item but sometimes is apparently not. Keep items that should be hung up - like jackets, suits, shirts and pants - on wooden hangers to best keep their shape and avoid wrinkles. Other items like jerseys are best kept folded, as they can lose shape from hanging.

4. An iron

Wrinkled clothing can detract significantly from an outfit. Make sure to read the instructions of the clothing (and the iron if necessary) in order to make sure the garment is safe for ironing. Ironing an item inside out is recommended. If you're not at home and have wrinkled clothing, hang up the item in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will do a decent job at getting rid of some of the wrinkles.

5. Suit accessories

This includes ties, pocket squares and lapel pins. A suit is usually something that is invested in, therefore having more than two suits is not always a possibility for some. Regardless of the number of suits you may or may not own, as style is always changing, it’s best to be able to change up the look as much as possible. Bold, bright, and colourful; a tie is made to complement the suit and channel the confidence of its wearer. Embrace pocket squares and lapel pins as accessories that can be utilised to add variation to a look. Suit accessories are the key to changing up the reliable formula of a tailored suit.  
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