What shoes should you wear with your suit?

What shoes should you wear with your suit?

The Traditional Dress Shoe

This is the obvious choice and holds a classic esteem. But often the dress shoe is quite plain and mundane for a fantastic suit. If you are going to choose a traditional dress shoe for your suit then you're going to have to make sure that you're wearing the right colour shoe for the right colour suit., and the perfect pair of bold socks to stand out. Here's a guide to help you out: shoes and suits


The brogue is a fairly enigmatic shoe that is making it's way right back into fashion. However to wear this shoe with a style of your own you'll need a swagger to match. Dressing with style isn't just about the clothes you buy, it's about the confidence with which you're rocking your outfit. Brogues are a fantastic shoe to add a bit of noise to your outfit. Take a look for yourself: suits with brogues


At Nic Harry we are huge fans of the suit and sneaker look. The key is to understand which sneaker goes with which shoe in your closet. Don't think that any sneaker goes with any suit. There are also limits to which sneakers belong with suits at all. Your Vans skate sneakers that are bruised and batters after years of skating abuse probably won't cut it. Your new Puma or Adidas kicks that are clean, loud and effective will work magic with a dark blue suit. Try them on, mix and match and find a look you're comfortable with. bradley cooper suit and sneakers suits and sneakers 1

Flip Flops

This is a Summer tip coming at the perfect time. You don't have to wear formal shoes with your suits all the time. Sure, there are meetings that require some amazing socks. But if you're just going out for coffee or into the office you can try to make your look a little less formal and a little more summer with a pair of classy flip flops. You've really got two options here. The first is a pair of black or white Havaianas. These will work with a fitted suit with a slim leg line. This is important. You can't have a baggy pants leg and wear your flip flops. They'll disappear under the baggy fabric and it'll look very much like you're not wearing shoes at all. Not cool. The second choice you have is to go the leather flip flop route. This gives you a bit more formality and it shows that thought has been put into your outfit. suit with flip flops


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