Fashion in Johannesburg

Fashion in Johannesburg

Joburg is easily one of the most, if not the most, stylish cities in South Africa. Constantly changing the game and being on trend, the gents in the City of Gold know how to dress. We want every gent to know where to go to find the best threads.


Suits, suits, suits and more suits, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a smart dress code. Johannesburg does not have a shortage of stores that can offer you, and make you, a suit that is your perfect fit.

Tailor Me

Unlike some tailors, Tailor Me’s goal isn’t to make over-the-top, ridiculous suits that no one has seen before, they want to make suits that are unique for you. Off-the-wall colours and strange cuts aren’t always necessary to stand out.

One of the goals of the business is to let your inner style and confidence shine through, using one of their incredible suits as the basis. “We believe that the real you should shine through”

Their suits are custom made using wool, giving you a very comfortable and breathable suit that you will want to wear all day, every day.

Alexander - Fine Attire

Alexander - Fine Attire is another brilliant tailor found in the heart of Johannesburg. They pride themselves on the quality of their work and the materials they use, with standards so high you will think you are royalty.

One of the unique aspects of their business is that they save each and every customers measurements and pattern. Allowing you to have a suit made without having to redo all the measuring and fitting.

Considering they are a made to measure tailor, there are endless styles, materials, and colors to choose from, and include the fact that they save your patterns, even if your body shape changes, they can easily adjust for your new suit.

Berkshire & Black

Berkshire & Black are old-school tailors who pride themselves on using the best fabrics, the best materials, and seamstress to sewing it all together. They are the best tailors, simply blowing the competition out the water.

They know that a perfectly fitted suit is a wardrobe essential for any gent, and they want to ensure that your suit is one that will never go out of style, that will never need replacing, and most importantly, fits your personal style and personality like a glove.


There is no shortage of stores where you can find high-quality, stylish casual clothing in Joburg. But, we have picked 3 of our favourite spots to find some laid-back threads. You may not have heard of them, but you should definitely give them a visit.

Bill Craig

Found in Melville, Bill Craig has been open for business for over 40 years and has spent all that time dressing gents in high-quality, stylish garments. Stocking everything from suits to shoes and shorts, Bill Craig has something for everyone.

Not only do they offer you a huge range to choose from, they also have multiple brands covering many different types of tastes and styles, allowing you to lose hours browsing. It’s almost a guarantee you will find something you love.


Odrin is definitely a brand that not many people know or have heard of, but the next time you go shopping, they should definitely be your first stop. Stocking everything from sharp jackets to casual shirts and accessories.

Besides having a huge variety of clothing, they also offer to do your shopping for you. Go to their website, answer a few questions, and they will deliver a whole new wardrobe for you, you only have to pay for the clothes you keep.

Old Khaki

Many of you would have heard of Old Khaki, but some may not know that they have a treasure trove of incredible clothing. With Khaki, you get incredible style, as well as amazing quality.

They have everything from regular t-shirts to shorts, button-up shirts, leather and casual shoes and coats. You could honestly get a whole new wardrobe at Old Khaki if you were so inclined.


Shoes are the glue that holds your outfit together, and a great pair can take it to a whole new level. These shops are a few of our favourites to pick up a new pair of lace-ups, freshies, or just some comfy sneaks.

Men’s Shoe Centre

Ok, we are aware that Men’s Shoe Centre is an online store, but we couldn’t mention it due to the ease of use and the wide selection of men’s shoes. With all your favourite brands in one place, shopping is a breeze.

With multiple styles including casual and smart, with brands such as Adidas, Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Watson, and CAT, there is a shoe for absolutely everyone available on the site, all at great prices too.

Tread + Miller

What can we say about Tread and Miller, they are one of the best leather shoe stores in the country and we just can’t get enough of them. Whether you are looking for boots, lace-ups, or casual trainers, they have the right pair for you.

Not only do they stock most types of formal shoes and boots, they also have a range of accessories such as bags, wallets, and belts. They have also started stocking some formal hats as well if you want that extra touch of class and style.

Cape Union Mart

This may be a surprise to some, but Cape Union Mart does offer shoppers some very functional, and a few stylish pairs of shoes. They have boots that can easily match any suit, as well as casual sneakers.

Apart from these, they also have a wide range of outdoor shoes, from hiking boots to running shoes as well as sandals. Their range is quite varied and offers visitors a shoe for almost every occasion or activity.

Finding varying styles of clothing and shoes in Joburg is actually a lot easier than you may think. There are hundreds and hundreds of stores that cater to every want, need, and taste, all it takes is a bit of exploring.

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