Sunglasses for summer

  It is said that well-suited glasses can make any face look better, as they create (or emphasise) the illusion of cheekbones. In summer, sunglasses become one of the most vital accessories, useful for protecting your eyes, lessening the bright outdoors, and looking good. It is important to choose sunglasses that suit your face, therefore factors like the shape of your face, the style of your haircut and your features all play a role in determining the best glasses for you. Bright sunglasses can look great; just make sure they suit your style and the occasion. Channel your inner Raoul Duke with orange-tinted glasses, but make sure to choose a hue and style that best suits your personality. Alternatively, tortoise-shell glasses are easy to match and effortlessly stylish. For the timeless classics and modern looks, below is a list of the stylish sunglasses that are perfect for summer. Wayfarers Wayfarers have been reinvented a few times, yet are considered a style symbol for their timelessness rather than trend-led appeal. Their popularity is down to the simple fact that they make anyone look effortlessly cool. Try wooden wayfarers for a rustic variety. Aviators A timeless design, they need little introduction. Try aviators for the classic sporty look that channels your inner maverick. To show off your individuality, experiment with different shapes or glasses with alternative framing. D-Frame glasses For a squarer style, d-frame glasses are the best bet. The sharp straight style looks bold and powerful, especially when paired with a suit. Round retro glasses Now it must be said, this look is not for everyone. If you have a large, round face, steer clear of this style as it tends to emphasise what it shouldn’t. When trying out a new style or looking to purchase sunglasses that are different from what you originally wear, it may be worth taking a friend along in order to get a second opinion. This look is not about being eccentric, but rather about accentuating the right facial features. Semi-rimless glasses This style has been around for a while now, and can really set a pair of sunglasses apart. Whether it is a pair of semi-rimless wayfarers or round glasses, the look is the epitome of summer style. Steampunk-inspired glasses With the popularity of the Mad Max: Fury Road film, this style has infiltrated the runway and shops for its uniqueness. The look is futuristically modern coupled with a bohemian influence. If interested in purchasing a pair of steampunk-inspired glasses, make sure they suit your face and that they are not too overbearing in appearance.
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