Colour Blocking & What It Means To You

Colour Blocking & What It Means To You

It's tough to match colours. Sometimes they clash. Sometimes that's the point. Sometimes the colours seem to work in your head but then when someone else looks at the outfit it all just falls apart. To help you out, there are some simple things you should understand. One of them is colour blocking.

What is colour blocking?

In short - taking two or three relatively unrelated colours and using them in the same outfit. It is not about drawing attention to yourself by being loud, but rather by being confident enough to be bold. For example, wearing loud yellow socks with green shoelaces. Colour blocking.

How do you colour block?

It's really pretty simple. All you need to do is place items together, starting with your accessories, that are loud, bold and full of colour. Colours that are worn together should complement rather than contrast, which can be avoided by keeping within a general colour scheme. For those who are less sure about colour blocking, stick to two hues. Major colours go with major ones, whilst minor hues belong with minor ones. Red goes with orange and pink, yellow with mustard or light green and turquoise with green or blue. Using the collection of items above, you can get an idea of what you can mix and match to colour block your way to a stylish outfit. Be sure to visit our collection of accessories and find colours that you feel comfortable with.


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