What The Hell Is A Lapel Pin?

What The Hell Is A Lapel Pin?

At Nic Harry we have a wide range of pretty interesting (and even some hand made) lapel pins. They look fantastic on a jacket, on a collar shirt or even, if you've got it you, on a plain old t-shirt. But the question I get asked more often than not is "What the hell is a lapel pin?". So I think it's time to answer this question. Let's begin at the beginning.

What is a lapel?

A lapel is the edged part of your jacket. The bit that's usually right there by your chest pocket, on the outside of the jacket. This is a lapel: What-is-a-lapel-pin

What's the purpose of a lapel pin?

That's a really simple question to answer. A lapel pin is a style accessory that can be used to brighten up an outfit, jacket or suit. They can be stand alone accessories that are used as a focal point of colour or they can be used in conjunction with other accessories like a tie, pocket square, pair of shoelaces or incredible socks.

How do you wear a lapel pin?

One of the key things to remember when selecting a pocket square for your outfit is to compliment and not duplicate. What does that mean? It really just means that you should try not wear a lapel pin that has the identical fabric and colour as, say, your tie or pocket square. It could have red in it and be made from something different. Or it could be made from the same fabric but have a different design, pattern or colour. Compliment your outfit with a lapel pin, don't duplicate and make the lapel pin superfluous. This is a lapel pin on a jacket.

Is a lapel pin only for suits?

The fashion purist will tell you that a lapel pin keeps all of you need to know about it in the name; lapel. Many people will exclusively wear a lapel pin on the lapel of a jacket. There are cases for making use a lapel pin on a t-shirt or collar shirt. Have a look: What-is-a-lapel-pin-shirt What-is-a-lapel-pin-shirt2
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