5 Different Things to do with Holiday Socks This Year

Remember the old days when socks were given to men when there was nothing else to buy them? Remember soap on a rope and how socks were bundled together with that most boring of cleanly gifts? We do. Those were sad and strange times. Times have changed and men across the world are wearing daringly colourful socks by Nic Harry. We thought that we'd give you a few more interesting things to do with socks other than wear them on your feet, of course. Here are five different things that you can do with your socks this holiday season:
  • Roll up your pair of holiday socks and gag your most talkative (and irritating) holiday lunch guest. Turn it into a game. The person who is gagged at the end of the dinner get's to keep the socks - and also gives everyone a much needed break from their incessant talking.
  • Fill your socks with rice and use it as a warm comforter for the nights when your significant other is traveling this holiday.
  •  If you're into tattoos, you'll know that new ink can't see the sun or damage will ensue. You can take one of your older Nic Harry socks and cut the toes off and use the sock to pull up over your arms/feet/lower legs to cover your newly minted stamps from the sun.
  • You can use a single sock as a coin storage method if you really want. Hang the sock from a hook at your door and drop the coins in as you step inside.
  • Instead of handcuffs, use a comfortable pair of daring bamboo socks in the bedroom for some added fun!
BONUS: Use our daring socks to tell someone that their style needs some work. Many men need help with their style and it's hard to just come out and tell someone that they could use some ankle-swagger. If you buy a sock subscription or pick one of our gift packs, you'll subtly tell that special someone that they need some style help. Don't leave a man in dull-land, get him daring socks.
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