7 trends to avoid in summer

Just because something's popular, doesn’t mean it looks good (looking at you Crocs). Every now and then an unfathomable trend will flare its head, and the collective style gurus will shake their heads, waiting for the craze to pass. Some trends can be excused, others should be avoided at all costs. Here are 7 fashion trends to avoid for summer. Square-toed shoes Boxy and unflattering, these shoes should not be in a man’s cupboard. Stick with round-toed brogues or oxfords for those evenings out. Deep neck v-neck shirts What exactly is this trend for? Showing off chest hair? Displaying a thick gold chain? The possibilities are endless, its wearability is not. Stick to crew neck t-shirts paired with chinos or jeans for a casual and comfortable look. Clunky jewellery made from the sea On the topic of showing off your chest is any clunky jewellery featuring shells or beads. If a man decides to wear jewellery, it should be simple and carefully chosen. Watches, cufflinks and rings should add to an outfit rather than distract from it. Three quarter length pants Cargo shorts are on the list of things not to wear, and along with it, three quarter length pants. This look, ending below the knee, is flattering on no-one, and comes across as indecision between shorts and trousers. Try cropped trousers or chinos to show off your shoes without revealing too much. T-shirts with slogans It goes without saying, if your shirt has a ‘witty’ slogan or ‘funny’ picture, just don’t wear it. Firstly, how many times can you wear it before you (and everyone around you) gets tired of the obnoxious “it’s beer o’clock” slogan draped across your chest, begging for attention. Secondly, it's childish and deserves no place in your cupboard. Stick with stripes, block colours and bold patterns like florals. Sports shirts Reserved only for live sporting events, football or any other shirts should not be worn for anything else. With the influx of sport-inspired clothing, active wear outfits have never been easier. Swap your football jersey for active wear inspired jerseys, shirts or shoes. Saggy, baggy jeans Tailored and fitted is a mantra to be applied to every item. Saggy, baggy jeans deserve no place in your cupboard. Go for fitted, straight-legged jeans that fit your shape. Jeans can be worn with a belt, and rolled up at the bottom or grazing your ankles.
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