A guide to bags for men

The age-old rule that men should not wear bags is both outdated and irrelevant in the 21st century. Depending on the occasion, a bag can be a necessity and the perfect accessory. There are a number of options available to men, from stylish backpacks to laptop bags. Choosing the right one for you is all about your style, the bag’s usage, and the occasion. A bag is a convenient accessory to add to an outfit, however it should not be used to carry unnecessarily heavy items, which can cause the material to stretch or wear out. Choosing the right colour depends on the type of bag and occasion. For backpacks, go for a bolder colour or design, depending on the level of formality of an outfit. For other types of bags, stick to blacks, browns or tans. Leather is always a good option for a bag, regardless of the style. The slim briefcase The slim briefcase is the classic bag as the look is stylish yet professional. The slim briefcase is perfect for a light commute, and with the different compartments available, it is ideal for carrying items like a laptop, magazine and house keys. The messenger bag The messenger bag is worn across the chest. This style can come across as youthful and casual, therefore keep the bag small in size. Be Make sure the bag doesn't create wrinkles across your clothing. The tall tote If looking for a tall tote, a long handle is a good idea, in order for the bag to fit over your shoulder. With its large compartments, the bag is suitable for any belongings. However as it is worn on your shoulder, keep the heavy items to a minimum. The backpack The backpack is no longer as youthful as it used to be. Inspired by sportswear, the backpack has become a more grown-up accessory, making a comeback over the last couple of years. Providing hands-free ease, the backpack can be worn with a suit, depending on the style of the backpack. The document case or folio The document case or folio as it is known is best for simplistic style. You may be limited by how little it can hold, however with its leaner look, it is perfect for slim items. Don’t put too many items in it as it can lose shape. If you need your hands free, this bag may not be the best choice. The travel duffel This type of bag is similar to the tall tote, but bigger in size. It is perfect for weekends away, as it is small enough to be a carry on. It can work as a gym bag too.
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