Basic rules about style

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of style. With magazines and websites constantly dishing out advice, all the rules of style can be overwhelming. The approach that works best is to take on style as simply as possible. Dress up from the bottom to the top, and regardless of what you wear, make sure it is always comfortable and reflects your taste. From there, add any accessories that suit the occasion and compliment the outfit. For basic advice about everything a man should know from head-to-toe, keep the following in mind. Suits If you are someone who likes to have more than one suit, there are a number of different colours to embrace. With these colour combinations, you can change up each look with accessories like a tie and pocket square, and the colour of your shirt.
  • First suit: black solid
  • Second suit: navy solid
  • Your second suit: grey solid
  • Fourth suit: navy pinstripe
  • Fifth suit: grey chalk stripe
And remember, a good suit treated well shouldn't be dry-cleaned more than twice a season. Ties Ties decorated with cartoon characters, golf tees, or pop culture figures are always a no. Rather go for bold colours, or solid staples, to show off your personality without looking unprofessional. Also remember when driving, place your seat belt shoulder strap under your tie in order to prevent wrinkling. Belts The end of a tie should never fall below your belt buckle. If it does, it’s too long or you’ve knotted it incorrectly. Keep in mind that the shirt buttons, the belt buckle, and the trouser fly should all line up. This makes for good symmetry, and looks neat and professional. Pants Jeans should never be ironed. This is always the case. Shoes Investing in a pair of dress shoes is wasted if you don’t use a shoehorn to put them on, or keep them shined. Take care of your shoes and they last much longer. Miscellaneous Buy staple pieces to keep your wardrobe up to date. Embrace layering. Don’t hoard clothing. If you don’t wear something, give it away. Grooming Buy a lint roller. It is a cheap purchase that does wonders, especially if you have pets. Invest in a good cologne. Use sparingly (2-3 sprays maximum). Take care of your hands- keep your nails clipped. And finally, it is far better to arrive at an event overdressed than underdressed. If you arrive overdressed, people will think you've got somewhere more important to go afterwards.
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