Fashion in Cape Town

Fashion in Cape Town

Cape Town has a shop for almost every fashion need you may have, whether you are looking for a suit, trying to find a new pair of shorts or just a fresh pair of sneakers, there is a shop that will have exactly what you are looking for.

We are going to cover the best places for you to find some stylish smart suits, casual wear for summer or winter, and of course, shoes. There are obviously hundreds of shops that you can visit, but these are our personal favourites.


Trying to find a shop that has the right suit for you can actually be a bit challenging, and once you do find it, the price is usually a lot more than you expected. These stores, however, have a wide and varied range, as well as prices to fit almost every budget.

Frank Bespoke

If you have unique tastes and needs, you are going to need a suit that you can’t find hanging on a rail. Frank Bespoke offers clients the skill and experience needed to create a completely unique suit for you.

The clue is in the name, Bespoke, your suit will be one of a kind, made to measure for you and you alone. Using the best materials they can find, Frank Bespoke will make you a suit that looks like it just came off the Hugo Boss runway, or even better.

With everything from the measurements, to material choices and fittings, you will end up with a suit that is uniquely you, that no one else can say they have. They also have a range of bespoke accessories and even shoes for you to choose from.

Lock, Stock & Barrel

Another tailoring house to visit is Lock, Stock & Barrel. The business is famous for their exquisite eye for detail in their tailoring, and they partner with smaller brands to bring you high-quality, but incredibly unique suits.

Not only do they offer suits, but they can also make you a beautifully crafted shirt, like no other you have seen before. The shirts are quite pricey, but they will last longer than anything you have purchased before.

Yes, we understand that getting a tailored suit doesn’t fit into everybody’s budget, but if you have the money, and time isn’t a problem, we can not rate Lock, Stock & Barrel highly enough to sort out your suit needs.


Woolworths has become a great destination for finding a suit. Considering that they offer everything from suits, pants, belts, and ties, to shoes, cufflinks and everything in between, you could actually find a whole suit right here.

The bigger stores have a massive range of suits and accessories, with multiple colours, sizes, and fits. You can easily find a suit that will fit your wants and needs. Like we said, they have a pretty big accessory section as well, which is a huge plus.

The suits may not be made to measure, but if you find one you like you can easily take it to a tailor and have it adjusted. Woolworths is great due to their range, and you can quickly find a suit for a particular occasion in a breeze.


Casual clothing is so easy to find it is almost a joke, but we know you don’t just want any t-shirt or pair of shorts, you want something that is still versatile and stylish. These stores will probably have exactly what you are looking for, and so much more.


This list would not be complete without H&M. Since their arrival in the country, they have been the go-to for almost every clothing need. T-shirts, coats, underwear, you name it, they have it.

H&M is popular for one simple reason, the quality of the clothing far exceeds the price you have to pay for it. I still have a t-shirt bought from them when they first opened, I wear it more regularly than I should, and it still looks like it just came off the shelf.

Their range is also incredible. You can find casual clothing, smart attire, gym wear, underwear, sleepwear, and everything in between. They are a personal favourite, and if you haven’t visited one yet, you are seriously missing out.

Mr. Price

Mr. Price still holds the title of being one of the most budget-friendly retailers. You get simple clothing and very decent prices. The quality is sometimes lacking, and this can be a turn off for some, but if you are looking for a few basics, they should be your first stop.

Nowadays, they are stocking different brands other than their own, allowing you to have a much wider variety of clothing to choose from, while they still keep the prices down. This combination is hard to turn down.

While the clothing styles are quite simple, they don’t have much variety when it comes to cuts or more fashion-forward type of designs like we mentioned above, they do the basics well, and for some, that’s all they need.

Topman at Topshop

Topshop, and more specifically Topman, used to be the go-to for stylish casual, and smart wear. Since the arrival of H&M, their popularity has gone down, but their standards and quality certainly haven’t.

Topman is still a great place to find some stylish and on-trend casual clothing. They have a wide range of shirts, pants, coats, and even suits. They have a fairly complete selection of accessories as well.

They also have sales regularly, allowing you to pick-up more high-end items at a fraction of the cost. Even though H&M have taken over the game, Topshop still has many treasures to be found, and should not be overlooked.


Your shoes can make or break your outfit, whether it is a suit, or a casual Sunday afternoon lunch outfit, your shoes bring the whole look together. Keeping this in mind, these stores have your shoe needs covered.


We have mentioned Shelflife before, but they are definitely worth mentioning again. They are the kingpins when it comes to sneakers, and have a selection to prove it. With sneakers from the most popular brands, old and new, lining their shop walls, it is sneaker heaven.

Whether you are a sneakerhead, a lover of Nike or Adidas, or just looking for a new pair of freshies, there is almost a guarantee that Shelflife will have what you are looking for, and if they don’t, they will know where to get them from. 

They are often the first store to sell the newest, most popular and rarest sneakers, regularly having raffles to own the newest pair of Yeezys or Jordans. We can not stress enough how important it is to visit them when looking for your next pair of kicks.

Tread + Miller

If you are looking for something more formal, Tread & Miller have got you covered. The store offers clients some of the best-made leather shoes on the market, ranging from boots to loafers and even a few pairs of casual sneakers.

The shoes come in a range of styles and colours, but all with the quality that one would associate with shoemakers in Italy. Their prices are also incredibly reasonable, suiting almost every budget.

Not only do they stock leather shoes, but also leather accessories such as belts, wallets, and bags. They have brought in a range of hats as well, giving you that stylish, modern look, all in the four walls of the store.

Shoe City

For the more budget conscious gents, Shoe City has a massive range of shoes that are priced much lower than at other retailers. Not only are their prices very reasonable, their range offers you everything from slippers to formal lace-ups.

They also stock a huge variety of brands as well, giving you endless choice. They have shoes suitable for sport, work, school, or just casual sneakers, allowing for choice on your part.

Once again, be wary of quality, as some may lack it more than others, but considering the number of shoes they have, it is highly unlikely that you will leave there without finding a pair you love.

Now that we have covered the stores that can, and will, dress you from head to toe in the Mother City, you can simply step into them and find exactly what you are looking for.

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