Fashion trends to avoid

For a while now men's fashion has been getting more and more attention. The days of beige shorts and crocks are slowly becoming a thing of the past. and the face of men's fashion is slowly changing however there are still so many ways to get it wrong. This list should help you make better choices with your wardrobe 1 Crocks Crocks are possibly one of the worst of the worst shoes trends to ever make it into retail stores. This shapeless plastic foot wear (often worn with sorts and socks) adds absolutely nothing to your outfit. There is plenty of footwear that is available on the market that is both functional, comfortable and fashionable. Invest in  a solid pair of sandals that fit well. Opt for a dark color that will go with most of the clothes in your summer wardrobe 2 Wife-beater vest The wife-beater vest, popularized by what is commonly known as "red necks" and hip hop rappers. The vest was actually intended to be worn under a shirt, unlike the tank top it should not be worn as and actual shirt. if you feel like letting your arms get some sun, try a skinny tank top in a bright color  and pair it with your favorite pair of shorts and you will be set for a casual day out. 3 Dirty sneakers This trend is both unappealing and unhygienic. Dirty sneakers were first popularized by skater boys and punk rockers in the late 90's and early 2000's. To avoid looking frumpy, choose shoes that compliment your outfit. Stick to classic leather shoes for formal dress and leave the sneakers for relaxed days at home. When shopping for sneakers, pick times-less styles over trendy ones. Classic  Levis and Chuck Tailors are options. Solid colors will stay in your closet much longer than trendy ones and most importantly, keep your shoes clean 4 Excess accessorizing Sometimes it can be tempting to put all your best watches on at the same time and walk out the front door. The trick to accessorizing is to have a statement piece and complement it with a few smaller pieces.  You can never go wrong with a good watch and lapel pin combo. Limit your ring to just two at a time and steer clear of the giant gold necklace with your suit 5 Over-sized Emblems When it comes to dressing, it is very important to understand that just because something is designer label, does not make it stylish or even tasteful. Giant designer emblems might tell people that you have expensive tastes but that does not say much about your style. Unless you are a pimp or a rapper, you should not be a walking billboard. Keep your emblems inconspicuous so the focus can be on your outfit and nothing else. Your style is an outward expression of an inward thing. Pay attention to the small (and not so small) details of your wardrobe. Avoid making these fashion mistakes and your wardrobe will thank you
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