How to pack like a pro

With the end of the year nearing, weekend breaks and holiday trips are fast approaching. When packing a bag, it is important to follow a few simple rules, in order to make sure that your clothing remains wrinkle-free and undamaged, whilst maximising on space. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when packing for a trip. Wear your heaviest shoes, place the rest at the bottom of the bag Place socks, rolled up underwear and any other small items inside the shoes to retain their shape. If your shoes are polished or dirty, place them inside a shower cap or shopping bag. For dress shoes, this should be a rule, regardless if the shoes are polished or not. Place any other heavy items at the bottom of the bag. Roll your pants and t-shirts This applies to chinos and jeans as well as t-shirts. The cylindrical shape makes for easier packing, and slots in to all the small spaces, in order to give you more packing room. Rolled up items should be placed after the shoes, crammed as tight as possible in order to hold the cylindrical shape. It should be noted that rolling clothing can cause wrinkles, therefore avoid this method for items that need to be wrinkle-free (unlike jeans). Shirts should be folded Shirts should be neatly folded to avoid wrinkling. A rolled up belt can be placed in the collar of the shirt, to keep the shape. Make space for toiletries If travelling with a small toiletry bag, place it in the middle of the bag to avoid damaging breakable items like an electric toothbrush or cologne. Wear your jacket If the trip requires a suit, wear our jacket on the plane to avoid carrying a suit bag. Alternatively, pack your suit jacket in your bag, by turning it inside out, and placing one shoulder in the other. Keep soft fabrics at the top Any items that are made from lightweight material and are prone to creasing should be packed at the top of the bag. This includes thin cotton.
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