Top 5 (short) hairstyles for men

The way you wear your hair says a lot about a man. Getting it cut approximately every six weeks, using the right hair styling products and shampoos and getting enough vitamins in your diet all affect the outcome of your hair. Generally speaking, most men with a corporate job may find the range of hairstyles rather limited, therefore it is important to find the right cut that suits your features, your physique and the weather. Here are the top 5 hairstyles that will never go out of style. The French crop This look is quite daring, but is ideal for men who are thinning on top. If you are sensitive about your ears, this may not be the cut for you. The look is low maintenance and doesn’t require styling products. Closely cropped, this is ideal for hot summers. Textured cut with a fringe This style requires a bit of length to achieve, and is somewhat high-maintenance. Using a bit of gel or wax can help get the messy look. If you are someone whose hair grows quickly and doesn’t regularly visit your barber, this is not recommended. The look is boyish and youthful. A buzzcut This style is probably the least high maintenance of them all. Buzzcuts typically suit men with symmetrical and square faces, so ask your barber for advice before committing to the look. This look is ideal for men with curly hair, looking for some respite during summer. Ask your barber to use scissors instead of clippers, in order to work with the shape of your head. The side parting This style has made a comeback over the years, and tends to suit most face shapes. Use gel or wax when your hair is damp, and comb it into shape. Like the slick back, this look works best with straight hair. If your hair is thinning, avoid this look as it tends to look like a comb-over. The vintage (aka the slick back) This look generally works best for men with straight hair. Curly haired men will find it difficult to slick back their hair without the help of a hair dryer or straightener. The slick back style frames a person’s face, and makes their facial hair look more prominent. It can be the key to looking smart and professional with facial hair. Invest in good quality wax or gel and a hairdryer. Keep your hair short on the sides.
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