Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Guys

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Guys

Winter is around the corner and it’s time to shelve your shorts and slops for a few months and get your winter gear out. But what exactly do you need to be styling in the cold, like you did in the warmth?

Whether you are a streetwear aficionado or someone who prides themselves on their stylish, everyday smart casual look, there are some winter essentials that every guy should have, that will elevate your winter wardrobe to the next level.

If, after reading this, you still have no idea how to even put a stylish, sharp winter outift together, we have you covered. Take some inspiration from here

Leather Boots

Winter is the perfect time to pull out a pair or buy a pair, of leather boots. We aren’t talking about combat boots, we are talking about a classic Chelsea or Brogue shape, perfect for those cold winter days.

A pair of stylish leather boots go well with almost every outfit. They are incredibly versatile and match with jeans, chinos, a suit, a casual button up or a coat. Buying a pair of these boots this winter is a worthy investment, and you will struggle not to wear them every day.

Adding a pair of colourful socks will brighten up your outfit on those cold, muggy days.


This may seem like an obvious one, but many guys have gone into their late twenties, even early thirties without ever owning a decent coat. A hoodie or a sweatshirt works well in some situations, but when you want that more sharp, stylish look, a coat is the way to go.

You don’t need a long, leather jacket like Neo in The Matrix, but a warm, neutral coloured coat that you can wear on a day-to-day basis. They add a more formal feel to your outfit without having to wear a suit and tie.

Dark-Wash Jeans

Winter is the time for darker colours and dark-wash jeans are the perfect all-round pants to fit this brief. The darker colour will match with everything in your wardrobe and is a more formal choice compared to lighter, blue jeans.


Winter is the time for layering and there is nothing easier to layer with than a sweater. This simple item of clothing will add warmth, style and a touch of class to any outfit; and they are so simple to match.

A black or grey sweater can be worn with a work shirt and tie at a meeting, or under your coat when you go out. Wear both a coat and sweater when you really feel the cold as they are versatile, easy to style and keep you warm without having to whip out that old hoodie stuffed into the back of your closet.

Heavy Fabric Suit

Just like the rest of your wardrobe, your suits need to change and adapt to the season. Most suits are made from lighter materials such as cotton, but that just won’t cut it when the weather turns cold.

Tweed, flannel, and wool will become your best friends and it is highly advisable to invest in a suit made from these warmer materials, especially if you are someone that wears suits regularly, you don’t want to have to wear a bunch of undershirts and sweaters just to stay warm.


Ok, we get that a t-shirt may not be the most obvious choice for a winter essential, but they really are. T-shirts are an easy way to keep you warm when you are wearing a suit and don’t have a coat.

A simple, white or black tee can be worn under your shirt, and having it made of a temperature regulating material keeps you warm when it’s cold, but also ensures you don’t overheat if the day gets warmer.

Beanie and Scarf

When it comes to accessories, you’re really only going to need a beanie and scarf. Keeping your ears and fingers warm can be the difference between a good and a bad day, and these items will 100% do the job.

Flannel Button-Down Shirt

You aren’t going to always be dressing for an occasion in the winter and having some more casual items of clothing is needed. Once again, flannel or wool are your friends here and will keep you toasty.

These shirts are the casual option of choice during the summer and they do the same job in the winter. Just remember, the material needs to match the season.

Bomber Jacket

Next, to the more formal coat; a bomber jacket can be your casual choice. These jackets are incredibly warm, very comfortable and perfect for day-to-day use. The styling options are endless and so are the colour and trim options.


Like we said above, a hoodie isn’t always the best choice for every outfit, but a hoodie is still a staple during the winter months. Once again, they are very versatile and are an alternative to a bomber jacket or coat that may be too warm or that is just not your cup of tea.

Double-Breasted Blazer

A double-breasted is almost the best blazer choice for winter. The wrap around design keeps your torso warmer than a regular blazer while cinching in your torso to give your upper body a great shape whilst wearing layers.

Leather/Nubuck Sneakers

Even though leather boots can be worn with almost every casual or formal outfit, you are still going to want a pair of casual shoes. Leather sneakers are probably the best choice for this and do incredibly well in winter.

The leather or nubuck sneakers will keep your feet warm and protect them from any rain; and being leather, they are incredibly sturdy and strong, long-lasting and very easy to clean. Perfect for winter.

Use this guide to keep your leather sneakers clean and fresh no matter what the day throws at you. 


Socks can never be underestimated in winter, and a really decent pair can be the difference between frozen toes and toasty ones. having thick boots or sneakers isn't a guarantee against the biting the cold. 

Heat regulating socks are your best option, bamboo socks, in particular, they will ensure your feet don't overheat and start to sweat. You want socks that will keep your feet at body temperature, not make them so hot they start to sweat and end up feeling colder. 


Winter does not have to be the season for wearing every jersey you own or rotating the same three or four items every day. Winter is the chance to expand your wardrobe and there are far more options than you may think.

Using our guide above, your winter wardrobe will be just as stylish as your summer one. Simply remember that these essentials can fit any outfit, or make entire outfits on their own.

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