The perfect gift this season!

The perfect gift this season!

The countdown has begun... Season-orientated toys and chocolates are filling up the aisles at your local supermarket. You catch yourself singing along to “Little Drummer Boy” as you search for cheese. Out of nowhere, decorative lights have gone up all over town. Old men with white beards dressed in red are commonplace. There are reminders everywhere that there are less than eight weeks to go. Woolies is rolling out their turkeys. What's in the air?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS!

In South Africa, the tradition of wearing Christmas jerseys (or sweaters) is less common than in the Northern Hemisphere, mainly due to the sweltering heat of December. For many, good food, a braai, some drinks and a swim is the best way to celebrate Christmas. But if you feel like you’re missing out on the chance to wear Christmas jerseys, and you’re the type who loves to get festive, we’ve got the perfect socks to show off your Christmas spirit, like the Holiday Pixel Red, the Holiday Pixel Blue and the Snowflake Socks Pixel-Holiday-Redholiday-pixel-blueSnowflake Socks If, on the other hand, these socks are a bit too out there for you, we've got other socks to channel your Christmas cheer that can be worn year-round! Suitable for all those Christmas lunches and dinners you have to attend, unlike your pants, these socks won't judge you for eating too much, lying down in a corner and nursing your food baby. These socks are the best way to incorporate a little holiday spirit into your outfit!  the-clown-sock For those on the other side of the fence, who bemoan Christmas and think that the Grinch was actually onto something, we’ve taken the stress out of Christmas shopping, and have made it easier for you to find the perfect gift! Nic Harry socks and accessories are bright, bold and daring. Give dad a gift that he'll actually look forward to receiving, like our stylish socks below! escher-triangle-socks-700x930checkboxEspresso Zig Zag Socksbarber-shop-sockApple2


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