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Today marks the launch of my passion project. NicSocks is a company that I have set up out of a passion that I have firstly for men's fashion and secondly for socks in particular. I've been wearing crazy, mis-matched and loud socks for a few years and after many pairs and much money spent I decided that it was time to go it alone. Having recently sold my company I found that I had some time and a little bit of money to start off my sock project. Over and above everything else with this project and these socks, I've had a truck-load of fun. This quick startup has reminded me that business can and should be fun. It's taken me a little over 6 weeks to set everything up; register the company, source a logo, design the socks, find a manufacturer, source the material (Bamboo in this case) create samples, build the e-commerce website, set up the payment system with credit card billing and get this bad boy off the ground. Many people have helped me get things done: Jen, Dave and Marc Perel at Obox (website and office space), Dave Landey, Walter and a few other people along the way. You're all sockstars.

It's time men had fashion choices and it's time that those choices started from the feet.

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