The Men at the Met Gala

The Men at the Met Gala

There is always hype around what the women wear at The Met Gala. This year the men came out with flashes of style that Nic Harry loves to see and fully endorses. We've curated some of our favourite men's outfits from The Met Gala last night.


Wearing a double breasted suit with a lapel buttoned up just under the collar really elevated Usher's outfit to a unique level. He owned his style and the red carpet. Adding in a cane with detailed shoes finished off the outfit perfectly.


Seth Meyers

A blue suit is a fantastic way to add a difference to your tuxedo. Seth Meyers also added in a lapel pin for an extra splash of style and detail. Seth-Myers


Mixing it up on the red carpet, Diddy presented a black bowtie with his tuxedo, accented by a simple white flower lapel pin and white pocket square. PDiddy

Justin Bieber

Mr Bieber seems to have found some sense of style and couture in his dress. The incredible detail on his jacket is brought forward by a simple black shirt with buttons offset to the right and a black cumberbun. Justin Bieber

George Clooney

The incredibly dapper Clooney wears a simple red pocket square to match his wife's fantastic dress and the red carpet. George Clooney

Common and Miguel

It's almost impossible to miss the red suit on a red carpet with the black lapels on the jacket from Miguel. Common brings a touch of flair with a bird lapel pin, brown tux and a brown bowtie. Common

Colin Firth

Showing off a simple but elegant white pocket square, lapel flower and bowtie. Colin Firth

Adrien Brody

Delivering incredible style with his burgundy jacket detailed and shining. Adrien-Brody
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