What makes bamboo socks so incredible?

Bamboo is a prime example of that important lesson we should all have learnt: "Never judge a book by it's cover." To the touch bamboo is incredulously soft and luxurious, but don't let this cute and comfy exterior fool you, it is twice as absorbent as cotton due to the micro-gaps in the fibre. Are you worried about your socks swinging from sunshine to storms? Bamboo fibre excels at retaining colours so let the onlookers stare as you waltz by with these beauties wrapped around you. Bamboo socks don't just help you look good, they also help to keep your down under smelling less like it's been down under thanks to its natural anti-bacterial properties. After a long day of walking you can kick back with ease and not worry about the blow back. Bamboo is pretty much the superman of fabrics and should not be underestimated. Thanks to its unique qualities it presents and endless variety of uses. You deserve too look good, smell good and feel good. Don't deny yourself, come grab yourself a pair to enjoy all the benefits that the Nic Harry design can offer you.
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