Celebrities Wearing NicSocks

Okay, so maybe Photoshop got the best of us... but we just wanted to see how dapper these celebrities looked in their own pair of NicSocks! Don’t you? Come with us on an intimate photo ­journey through some of Hollywood’s classiest gents in some of our footwear! Joseph Gordon-Levitt Here we've got Joseph Gordon-Levitt rocking a pair of The Humphrey. Ryan Gosling What if Ryan Gosling were to don a pair of NicSocks? Would we make him even more stylish than he already is? We think so. In this entirely satirical and hypothetical situation we're giving you the chance to see what Ryan would look like rocking a pair of the famous Barbershop NicSocks. Michael Jackson Who wore socks better than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? No one. That's who. If he was still alive and he could wear a pair of NicSocks, I'm sure he'd rock the hell out of The Clown socks. Since we'll never see this in real life here's what the man himself would look like. Brad Pitt It’s always a tough look to pull off: Socks with shorts and we think Brad Pitt is struggling a bit. So we’ve given him a sock-lift. Here’s Brad if he were wearing a pair of the first foundation, the Black Brick Road. Jay Z Above is what Jay Z would look like wearing a pair of EyeSpy NicSocks. Ben Afflec The entertainment, geek, and comic worlds have been a bit of a buzz lately with the news that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the upcoming Superman movie. We thought it would be fun to see what Affleck would look like in a pair of the newly launched Sunset socks.  
Other Celebs that we'd like to spot wearing NicSocks include George Clooney, Will Smith, Brad, Pitt and we'll even throw in a Bieber for a laugh. Keep watching to see what the most stylish men in the world would look like rocking our socks.
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