Common Misconceptions About Men's Fashion

Common Misconceptions About Men's Fashion

It’s hard out there for men. We get judged for being too boring, for being too crazy and out there. If we try too hard or not hard enough, we lose. It’s a confusing situation and sometimes we just want someone to tell us what to do, but that right there is the problem.

There are so many misconceptions running around about men’s fashion that it’s hard to know who or what to trust, what to believe and which direction to go with your style. So we have put together a definitive list of common misconceptions about men’s fashion.

Magazines Know What’s Good For You

Yes, it’s fantastic to see what GQ, Esquire or Vogue think that the average man should be wearing. The tough part is to really understand who “the average man” is to these magazines.

They think you a) look like a model or b) have money like a Beckham. Magazines are a great place to find inspiration and get a peek at what items might interest you, however, it's important to bear in mind that what works for a model may not work for you. Your features, your frame and your sense of style all influence whether something works for you or doesn’t.

Celebrities Pay For Red Carpet Clothing

This is one of the great ironies about fame. The more famous you are, the less stuff you pay for. Many top-tier fashion designers dress celebrities for gratis, purely for the exposure on the red carpet.

Have you ever seen a celeb stumble when asked what they’re wearing? That’s probably because most of the time they don’t know and have a little piece of paper in their pockets to remind them what threads are keeping them stylish.

Your Shoes, Socks and/Or Pants Should Match

This is a misconception as old as the advent of the pant legs themselves. We’re beyond that now and it’s time that you mix it up. You can wear red shoelaces with a brown brogue, pink socks and denim, I assure you!

That’s OK. If you’re comfortable enough to pull it off then go for it, but do it with intent and confidence. Don’t second guess that mismatched matched match of yours.

Fashion Equals Style

You can wear everything that the fashionistas tell you to wear and then step outside and still look (and feel) uncomfortable. That’s because you are trying to fit in when you should be trying to dress according to your own style.

Wear the things that make you feel you want to feel. This doesn’t mean that you should wear boardshorts to that all important partners meeting at your law firm. It means that you can find a way to incorporate your short-wearing lifestyle into your suit at work.

Find a bold pair of socks, wear a colourful pocket square or step outside of the norm with a stylish lapel pin. The options are endless. Don’t follow the pack. Be yourself. Be bold.

Shorts Are For Sports

It’s a travesty that in the heat of summer men are forced to wear long pants to feel stylish and formal. Shorts can be dressed up and worn in almost any setting if you’re thinking smart and dressing appropriately up top.

The first thing is to purchase the right type of shorts. You’re looking to stay away from the swim short, the rugby short, the football short or any other sport-related pair of pants. You need a tailored, slightly above the knee, with a cuff kind of short.

Cargo Shorts Work For Everything

While we’re talking about shorts, let’s discuss the cargo shorts that you’ve got in your closet. Do you camp? No? Then you should probably choose to wear a slimmer fitted pair of chino shorts that have two pockets on the side, for your hands and cellphone. If you do camp, then the only really acceptable time to wear cargo shorts is when you’re actually camping.

You Have To Be Thin To Look Stylish

The only thing you really should have in order to look stylish is confidence. You rock that outfit whether you’re heavy set, skinny as hell or a regular Joe. Just own it. Don’t shy away from it.

Also – be sure to find clothes that are as fitted as possible to your body type. Anything that is too baggy, too tight, too long or too short will make you look funny regardless of your size.

Dressing for your body type isn't difficult, use this guide to find out what shape you are and how to dress for it. 

Men’s Fashion Has To Be Boring

This is a pet peeve of ours here at Nic Harry; nothing about men’s fashion has to be boring, black, dark, cream, white or square. It can be whatever you want it to be. Can you guess what we’re going to say next? Own it. Be confident. Choose colour and be bold.

Style can’t be objectively viewed. There are a few fashion rules, but they are guidelines, guidelines that can, and should be blurred. There are too many colors, patterns, cuts, styles, and types of clothing to only stick to one look your whole life.

Don’t let a magazine tell you what you should and shouldn’t like, it’s up to you. Go out to the store, try on something different, like most things, you won’t know if you like it unless you actually try it.


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