5 style rules that no longer apply

5 style rules that no longer apply

You know what they say about rules and how they’re meant to be broken? At Nic Harry we say let your style wings soar. We believe you should be a bold and daring man. Be original. And most importantly, be comfortable with who you are and what you wear. Here are five style rules that no longer apply to the modern man:

Everything you wear must match

This is as outdated as it’s challenging. Who has the time, the patience or the budget to make sure everything in an outfit matches? We believe that what you choose to wear should complement your whole outfit without getting too hung up on if everything matches perfectly. Bold Polka Dot Socks can be worn with a striped shirt and paired with denim. Easy.

Never wear black with blue or brown

This is another one of those archaic rules that needs to die forever. Long time ago, some people with some influence decided that black cannot be worn with blue or brown, and since then we’ve all had to live with this silly rule. Well here at Nic Harry, we believe black can be be worn with anything, as can blue and brown. We actually encourage it.

Never wear more than 3 colours at a time

Well if this was the case, Nic Harry would not exist. Our whole company philosophy is based on being bold and daring, and if you are restricted to a 3 colour maximum, you’ve already reached that with many of our daring socks. Our socks are there for you to express yourself, and add a pop to your outfit. Complement your outfit by choosing a pair that pick up on a colour you are wearing.

Blue and green should never be seen

This old rule even rhymes! Back in the day, it was apparently a no-no to wear blue and green together. This rule is as arbitrary as it is unnecessary. Blue and green are a perfect combination, such as our Caterpillar Socks!

Always match your socks to your pants

Out of all the rules on this list, this one probably irks us the most. Always matching your socks to your pants is not only boring, but it’s pointless. If you live in a world of wearing socks that only match your pants, enjoy wearing black, blue or grey socks for the rest of your life. If you want to come over to the bright side, get a pair of Nic Harry daring socks, and start living boldly. SHOP SOCKS NOW!
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