6 grooming tips for men

6 grooming tips for men

There is often a fine line between male grooming and what is considered masculine, usually dictated by society. Many of the grooming procedures that used to be deemed ‘feminine’ have become relevant and necessary for men, a refreshing attitude from the traditional scepticism and labels that men received before. Men should feel like it's alright to look after their appearance, because being well-dressed is only half of looking good. Without grooming, the intention of looking stylish is somewhat lost. While there are less painful methods to combat rapid hair growth, some grooming procedures do take a bit of time, money and may incur a bit of pain. However the end result is always worth it. Here are 6 grooming tips for men to adopt:

1. Look after your hair

  • Your barber/hair-dresser should be someone you visit regularly. Get to know what hairstyle suits you and don't shy away from routine. You don't need a new hairstyle every month.
  • For lifeless hair, consider supplements or changing your diet.
  • Haircare products are important- know which ones work for you and your hair’s texture. If you have thin hair, avoid heavy products.
  • Don't overdo the hair care products. Slimy hair isn't a great look for anyone.
  • Avoid washing your hair every day, as it stripes it of natural oils.

2. Smelling good is looking good

  • Hone in on your smell, by choosing a scent that works for you. It should be subtle, so avoid spraying too much (2 or 3 sprays is adequate).
  • Shop around for different scents that best suit you.
  • Ask people what they think and consider their feedback carefully.
  • Be sure to wear bamboo socks - they are anti-bacterial and help your feet smell their best at all times.

3. Keep all hair groomed

  • If you are prone to unruly eyebrows or nose hairs, keep tweezers or trimmers nearby. While it’s not the most pleasant of feelings, it’s a second of pain for a better appearance.
  • Invest in a proper razor and don’t forget to exfoliate before you shave. This prevents ingrown hairs or rashes from forming, by preparing the skin.
  • Consider the other areas of your body that may have hair that's a bit out of control. Don't be afraid to manscape a bit here and there. You'll thank us later.

4. Look after your skin

  • Sunscreen, moisturiser and face wash should all be in your bathroom cupboard and used everyday.
  • Looking after your skin also means drinking lots of water, avoiding smoking and keeping the excessive drinking to a minimum.
  • Change your sheets regularly (once a week) to reduce your skin from contact with pore-clogging grime.

5. Keep your smile bright

  • Floss, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and avoid smoking and excessive sugar.
  • Looking after your teeth is a commitment for the rest of your life.

6. Keep your nails tidy

  • Keeping your nails clean and cut is also an important part of grooming.
  • There’s no point wearing a stylish watch if your hands don’t look the part.
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