Details of Denim: A Look at Jeans

Details of Denim: A Look at Jeans

Denim is a timeless material that can be worn with just about anything, depending on the occasion. There’s a lot more to denim than just different shades of blue, therefore understanding the details can help with choosing the best features and the most complementary fit.


Raw Denim

Free from chemical washes in a move to more environmentally-conscious choices; raw denim has become the ‘in’ thing. Raw denim jeans are stiffer in feel, yet will mould and fit to the wearer’s body after some use.

Pocket lining

The pocket lining of your jeans may be something you've never given a fleeting thought to, but if you are a habitual wallet-shoved-into-your-back-pocket kind of guy, a double lined pocket is your best bet. The double lining will make your jeans’ pockets last longer, allowing you to forget about a problem that you might not have even been aware of before this paragraph.


Ever wondered what those metal fasteners are called on the side of denim pockets? Their names are rivets, and they usually added purely for an aesthetic point of view- made of brass, copper and other materials. Some jeans will feature rivets with patterns or logos, for originality and identification.

Zip versus button fly

Buttons tend to be sturdier and last longer in comparison, but the choice is entirely up to the wearer’s preference. Both zips and buttons can be replaced if they become unfastened.


Rolling up your jeans creates a tailored look, and shows off your shoes with a hint of socks. Make sure to only cuff once or twice to avoid a chunky leg look.

Fit and leg style


Skinny jeans may seem fitted for only the daring and youthful; therefore the choice to wear them lies completely in how comfortable you feel in them. Pair with sneakers, and a loose t-shirt. Choose a pair that still allows mobility.


Slim cut jeans are the alternative for those feeling somewhat restricted in skinny jeans. Slim jeans look particularly good cuffed, and can be dressed up for smarter occasions.


Straight leg jeans are less fitted than slim or skinny jeans, and are the more popular of men’s styles. The colour of straight jeans will determine its appropriateness for events, with darker shades generally looking smarter.


Bootcut means a flared leg, without being wide enough to make you the meanest gun in the west. Bootcut jeans, if fitted properly, are a relaxed style to wear, but are generally best worn in very casual occasions.


There has been a denim uprising recently - jackets are back, denim shirts are in and a variety of other denim items like ties and bowties are out there. By brave, wear denim, but don't over do it. Sometimes a single pair of well fitted denim jeans is all you need to make an outfit work.
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