Fashion vs Style - A Short Manifesto

Fashion vs Style - A Short Manifesto

I often get asked about the difference between style and fashion. At Nic Harry, we aim to contribute to your sense of style, rather than keep up with the latest fashion. So what's the difference between fashion and style?


Fashion is what the world tells you to wear. Fashion is what is trending because the higher-ups spent money advertising a look that you desperately want (Zara and others like it). Fashionable is defined by a few and copied by many. It's what the magazines tell you is cool, relevant and worth buying. Fashion is item-specific, and staying in fashion is often costly to maintain. Fashion is new trends and the buzz they generate, until a new trend comes along.


Style is something that you own. Style is something that you define. Style is something that shows a little unique part of you that no one else can define or dictate. Style is an evolution of fashions that have influenced you over time and shaped your design aesthetic. It's something you learn, adapt and create. It's an expression, an experience and a reflection. Style can't be explained but with what you wear. Style starts with a choice to ignore what's fashionable and dress for who you are.  
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