How to rock your socks this season!

How to rock your socks this season!

With warmer weather, comes less clothing. Spending time outdoors and no longer needing to layer up are just two of the perks of summer. Here’s how to rock your socks this season!

Embrace socks and shorts!

Some men don’t wear shorts. Some men don’t wear shorts and flip flops together. Some men will only wear shorts and sneakers. And some men think that only secret/hidden socks can be worn with sneakers and shorts.  We’re here to tell you that this is not the case. Your favourite kicks, paired with a pair of bold and bright socks is exactly the statement you need to make in summer! Perfect for outdoor activities, this stylish combo is exactly how you make looking good look easy. 

Get your athletic wear up to speed!

The sports luxe trend is definitely here to stay. The trick with sports luxe is to refrain from dressing head to toe in sports gear, in order to avoid looking like you’ve just stepped out of the gym. Socks like the Preppy, The Blue and Grey Blocks, and pair well with sports luxe.

Choose a bold pattern!

Bold patterns and eye-catching designs are just two aspects that make Nic Harry Socks stand out. Pair bold, patterned socks, like the Accordion Sock with a red, white or blue shirt and jeans for a casual and cool look. If you choose to wear a bold shirt, make sure it doesn’t clash with your socks by choosing a design that complements it.


[Featured image courtesy of A Fashion Friend]
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