Men's Summer Business Style

Men's Summer Business Style

With summer rolling on, looking good (while keeping cool) is always a priority. Unfortunately, attending business meetings in swimwear is not a reality for most men; however the thought of wearing a suit in the heat may seem unbearable. There are simple style alternatives that men can adopt in the warmer months, in order to still look professional, whilst adapting to the season. Here are the top seven summer takes on the business look.

1. Embrace denim shirts

While denim shirts are not formal attire, lightweight material can provide relief in the warmer seasons. Depending on the dress code of an office, denim shirts can be incorporated into an outfit that still comes across as formal yet comfortable.

2. Protect your skin while looking good

Sun hats are the perfect addition to a summer outfit, as they not only protect your skin and hair from the sun, but also, if worn right, can really bring out a look. Paired correctly with a suit, this should be reserved for outdoors.

3. Incorporate some nautical

Nothing says summer like nautical. Whether it be your shirt, jacket or tie that features the iconic print, the look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

4. Mix things up with a beige blazer

In summer, it is easier to get away with lighter colours. A blazer in beige is the perfect alternative to heavy blue or black, and can be worn with blue jeans or chinos depending on the level of formality.

5. Get out your brown suede shoes

Up your style game with brown suede shoes. Versatile enough to be worn throughout the year, these shoes can be worn with bright, bold socks or without. Easy to match and effortlessly cool, these are a must for an alternative to leather shoes.

6. Try bold sneakers

Bright colours, bold patterns, have sneakers ever been this stylish? The answer is no. With big brands constantly pushing the envelope to drive innovative style and create something new, sneakers have firmly found themselves in an unshakeable position. Again, the level of formality in a company might make embracing this look more difficult. But there is always the weekend to explore your style.

7. Wear Daring Socks 

When you're wondering what items can bring a burst of daring colour to your summer style think socks. They're a light, easy and will give you a sneaky burst of style.
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