Shirt and tie combinations

Shirt and tie combinations

For many men, a suit is a uniform. Buying a good suit is an investment that can be counted on for any occasion. In order to make the most of your investment, different shirt and tie combinations can mix up a look. These combinations can change the formality of an outfit, and allow a suit to be more versatile.

White shirt, block colour tie

A classic statement, this is a fail-safe for work, drinks or any semi-formal occasion. The subtle background allows the wearer more versatility, making the tie the true centre-piece of the outfit. The colour of the tie should still complement the suit, therefore for example, avoid pairing a yellow tie with a grey suit.

Block colour shirt, block colour tie

The rule of thumb with this combination is to go for a tie that is a few shades darker than the shirt. This draws the eyes down, lengthening the torso. This look can be worn for a more formal occasion.

Block colour shirt, pattern tie

The combination may seem more daring, but paired right and this can be one of the strongest looks. Avoid clashes by drawing from a basic colour of the tie and pairing a shirt to that. Purple-Orange-Tie-smallOcean Triangles Tie

Pattern shirt, block colour tie

Think a black suit, a grey gingham shirt and a red tie. This look is bold and stylish. Colour combinations should be carefully matched, in order to make the best of this combination. Black-Tie-GreyWhiteRed

Pattern shirt, pattern tie

Perhaps the boldest look, this should be carefully paired together in order to avoid colour clashes. The trick is to contrast design, while matching colour. That means pairing a finer patterned shirt with a larger patterned tie or the other way around. Same as the combination above, draw from a colour of either the shirt or tie and base the tones on this. Pink-and-Blue-Triangle-Tie-small

Chambray shirt, wool tie

This look is more casual, so keep this look reserved for less formal occasions. Perfect for summer, the combination is effortless. Chambray does not work well with silk, so avoid pairing the two.


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