Style Profile: Waris Ahluwalia

Style Profile: Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia is a style inspiration for the modern man, but you'll be forgiven for not knowing who he is. While he’s not exactly a household name, his jewellery line- House of Waris- is well known amongst the elite. However, his jewellery is not the only thing that demands the audience’s attention- his style is the perfect approach to the modern man’s look. His innovative dress code, famous facial hair, and perfectly placed turban have changed the way style is interpreted, and it’s about time.

Ahluwalia has become something of a regular in indie-darling Wes Anderson’s films, noted for their scenic cinematography and perfectly-timed dialogue. In the 'Grand Budapest Hotel', he wears his signature turban- this time in orange, with a brightly coloured suit and bow tie, effortlessly stealing the scene. Off-screen, his long beard, groomed moustache and elegantly wrapped turban neatly contrast with the precisely tailored pieces he pairs them with. His Sikh faith requires him to wear a turban, and refrain from shaving. He precariously balances this traditionalism with modernity, challenging the conservative ideas about style and culture that have reigned supreme in Hollywood for so many years. His lack of conformity is inspiring as it is invigorating, moving away from the typical style that once dominated the scene, whilst paving the way for ethnicity to be celebrated rather than shunned, an admirable idea in our current times.

Comfortably navigating every dress code, he is a style inspiration for all the modern trends: denim on denim, casual shoes with a suit, scarves, and long flowing jerseys. He effortlessly comes across as put-together and comfortable, while pushing the boundaries of style.

His street style symbolises his favouring of brightly fitted suits in a range of materials, alternative shoe options and the power of accessories- especially his turban, and love affair with scarves and a custom pair of pink desert boots. He expresses his individuality through quirky lapel pins and bright pocket squares, which complement rather than detract from his entire outfit. A fan of the button down shirt exposing just a bit more chest hair than is commonly accepted, he has perfected the art of suits with no tie.

The message his style sends out is simple- the love of good style can be paired with seemingly traditional features, creating a blend of culture and creativity. By embracing his culture, he uniquely stands out, wearing what he describes as his “uniform”, in the most non-uniform way possible.

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