Swimwear for men

Swimwear for men

With warm weather fast approaching, days spent at the beach or lounging by the pool are just around the corner. Today, men have a lot more variety when it comes to choosing swimming shorts than ever before. While shorts are the swimsuit staple recommended for men (this article is not for men interested in wearing a speedo) the choice has expanded significantly from the days of board shorts. Choosing the right colour, pattern and style is easy by following the steps below in order to ensure that your beach attire is stylishly comfortable.

Length Is Key

The days of knee-grazing board shorts are long gone, therefore opt for shorts that end before the knee at the longest or mid-thigh at the shortest. Cropped nylon swim shorts are a good option, but watch the length and fit. Alternatively, try tailored shorts, if mid-thigh is too short for you.

Find The Right Fit

Too tight, and the public has to deal with it, too loose, and you’ll be swimming in your trunks more than the water. If you prefer tailored shorts, try slim cut - it’ll look like you’re wearing chino shorts. If you prefer more manoeuvring space, go for a looser fit, but avoid bagginess.

Consider Your Height

The taller you are, the longer the shorts can be. On the other hand, cropped styles are best for those who are shorter, as they tend to create the illusion of longer legs. Additionally, shorter styles flatter well-built thighs- just look at Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

Choose The Right Colour

Attract the right attention with shorts of bold colours. Considering it’s the only thing you’ll be walking around in, make them stylish. However, if you are very pale stick to navy or black. Alternatively, consider using self-tan.

Go For Patterns or Prints

Nautical patterns are always a good idea, while other patterns like paisley, floral or checked also look great. If you’re carrying a bit of extra weight, go for horizontal block stripes, which helps to balance out the top and bottom half of your body.

Pay Attention To Fastenings

Bear in mind that if you go for chino-type shorts, the fastening is a zip or buttons. This offers less flexibility than a pair of shorts with an elasticised band, so make sure the size is correct.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

A towel, sunglasses and a hat are all important- try a bucket hat or five-panel to channel the current styles. Looking after your skin is paramount, so don’t forget the sunscreen.
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