Nic Harry is constantly on the hunt for extraordinary talent. We're not looking for the average retail person who stands in a store on their cellphone and waits for their shift to end. We're looking for the most enthusiastic, curious and talented people out there. 

Take a look at the position outlined below very carefully.

If you believe you fit the profile below then please send your pitch to We are looking for people to join our Cape Town team. 

Customer Success & Sales Agent

Cape Town, Western Cape

Outline of position

At Nic Harry we make cool shit.

We sell this cool shit online and in store. We sell it in South Africa and globally.

We’re looking to work with creative and driven people who want to understand the future of retail and their position in this future. Your office is one of our retail outlets.

If you are hungry to learn, willing to work hard and enjoy doing various tasks in a week or month then you should consider applying to work at Nic Harry.

We want someone who can take responsibility for themselves, a store, sales and join in growing a dynamic young business online and offline.

We’re constantly developing our brand, our product and the way we work with our team and we want you to be a part of this constant change and growth.

We have a flat structure where everyone is responsible for themselves, their stores and their jobs.

We expect our team to merchandise, to manage customer service online and offline in stores, to clean, to want to learn more about product design, distribution and development and we want you to work your ass off when you’re with us. In short, there is no task too big or too small for anyone at Nic Harry.

The Nic Harry Way

At Nic Harry we believe in honesty and transparency. We want you to feel comfortable at work to learn and ask questions but uncomfortable enough to constantly push yourself to be better.

We like to have fun.

We produce our incredible style items in South Africa and design and develop them in Cape Town.

We believe that everyone has the right to learn more and be more.

We place the customer and their experience at the centre of our business. This means that you need to love meeting people, talking to people and helping people solve problems.

We also talk to people on many platforms and in different ways. We have real-time help on our website, we use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email to make sales and create customers.

In Store and Online Systems

We make use of Vend as our point of sale and use Yoco for payments. We use Shopify online and have an inventory management system that we use.

We expect all team members to be familiar with the Nic Harry systems and processes. Training will be provided where there are shortfalls in skill or experience. Once you have been trained, your good judgement is expected at all times.

We operate on Facebook and Instagram and would love for the incoming team members to have a good command of growing a community.  

Content Creation

As a business, Nic Harry lives on the edge. Our marketing, content and strategies are innovative and polarising. We want you to help us create this content and will give you guidance around the Nic Harry way.

You’ll need to take photographs and write product reviews and articles for the business while you’re in store and dealing with our customers.

Your job is more about the customer than it is about making a sale and content helps us engage with our customers wherever they are.


Be punctual - You will be expected to be punctual when opening stores and attending meetings.

Pride - You should exercise pride in your work, your store, your attitude towards customers and our incredible product and team.

Community Growth - You’ll be growing a community of Nic Harry fans. If you love the community, it will grow and that’s a core task every day.

Customer service - Every day, over and above selling, you will be creating happy customers. That is success. The happier our customers are, the better we feel.

Product knowledge - Learn about the Nic Harry product and be able to converse about it with customers.

Merchandising - Ensure that your store looks amazing and enticing to customers.

Technology - It is imperative that you use and understand basic technologies available: Google Documents, Facebook, Instagram, Messaging, Twitter, Internet browsing and searching, Youtube usage and uploading.


Design - if you can design using Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch then that’s an extra-double-tick for you!

Development - have you built a website before? Great! You get a bonus points too.

Copywriting - do you have experience writing copy for websites, articles, stories, blog posts, captions, advertising or any other kind of writing that has been published? Yes please, that counts too!

Retail Sales Experience IS NOT REQUIRED