Bamboo Boxer Shorts Baby!

Bamboo Boxer Shorts Baby!

Earlier this year we launched a range of bold and colourful cotton boxer shorts. 

We put them out there and waited to see if our fans loved them. And you know what? You didn't really love them. So we went back to the drawing board, quite literally. 

We looked at the design, the cut, the fabric, the colours, the way they were made and our own processes involved in production and we started again. 

Our new range come in three simple colours: Black, White and Navy Blue. They are all made from 100% bamboo. They have no backside seam which means no sneaky fabric in the wrong places. There is no itchy label sticky out at the back and there's a double front flap to keep your parts in place!

I am so proud of these boxer shorts that I decided to model the underwear myself! Yep, scroll up a little, that's me in the middle! I wear these bad boys every single day and I've never felt something so comfortable in my pants. Actually, that's good, I like that: 

The most comfortable thing you'll put in your pants!

You need these boxers in your life. You want this underwear in your pants. You'll love wearing the hell out of bamboo. 

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