Why Socks?

Why socks?

I have told a few people about my idea to start a sock company. The reactions have ranged from laughs and chuckles to denial and disbelief. A lot of the people look at me as if I've just crawled out of a piece of cheese. Maybe I have. But I love socks. Socks are the start of my journey when I get dressed. I take a look at the sock drawer and decide which pair of socks inspire me. I then match the socks with the either the shoes, pants, shirt or jacket (sometimes even the cap) that I'm wearing for the day. In short - I dress from the ground up and I believe that it's time for other men to do the same. That is why I choose socks; I am passionate about the kinds of socks that I wear.

Experiencing the sock

I remember back in the day when socks weren’t as trendy as they are now, yes there was a day such as this. What I wanted to bring in to the equation was a little bit of joy for the person receiving the sock. Whether you’re buying the socks for yourself or for someone else, I wanted the experience to be very gift-like. The other challenge to meet is the delivery of the socks locally and internationally. You can’t simply toss a pair of socks into the postal service and hope for the best. With that to consider I have decided to double-wrap the socks with sturdy paper. I want men to feel like they are giving themselves a tiny gift whenever they receive a pair of Nic Harry socks. To find out exactly what the packaging looks like, you’ll need to unpack one of your own pairs...

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