Cape Town's first social sock photo shoot

Cape Town's first social sock photo shoot

What the sock is happening?

NicSocks is launching a brand new website and to go along with this new look we’re inviting fans of fashion and wearers of our socks to be a part of the site. On Wednesday, 17 April 2013 NicSocks and Gregor Rohrig Photography will be hosting a photo shoot for men wanting to appear on the NicSocks website.

What’s in it for you?

If you are chosen to appear in the shoot you’ll get a pair of socks to take home with you, a 50% discount on your next NicSocks purchase and you’ll be featured on the NicSocks and Gregor Rohrig’s website, Facebook Page, and Instagram accounts.

What you need to do

You need to own and ride a bicycle (any kind will do) or board of some kind (skate, long) and be able to bring it with you to the shoot.

We’re shooting the active streetwear part of the brand so we’d like you to come in the best streetwear that you’d be rocking when you take your bike or board out on the streets of Cape Town.

You need to be in Cape Town and available on Wednesday, April 17th for the shoot (weather dependant).

You’ll need to email, Facebook or Tweet us a picture of yourself and your transport before Monday, 15 April.


Nic details:, @nicharry, NicSocks Facebook Page

Gregor details:, @gregor_rohrig, Gregor Rohrig Facebook Page

What next?

If you’re selected we’ll contact you with the details of the shoot and confirm your availability.

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