Distressed jeans and how to wear them

Distressed jeans and how to wear them

Distressed jeans are everything your mother told you not to wear- holey, ripped, and/or patched. With their casual rip exterior, it was a look once reserved for those who were not overtly concerned about their appearance. However, they have been reclaimed by the powers that be, and are now one of the biggest trends at the moment; especially popular for the warmer months approaching. When looking for a new pair of jeans, keep distressed, light-wash jeans in mind, which can be utilised in many ways to add dimension and variation to your style.

Oxford Shirt

Take a pause from the demanding rules of style by pairing distressed light-wash jeans with an oxford shirt. Add bright socks and you'll have the perfect pop of colour, keeping the outfit casual cool. The jeans should be well-fitted and comfy- a good option is straight leg jeans. For casual wear, pair with a jersey and sneakers in any colour. A fedora is also a great accessory. For a smarter look, pair with dress shoes and a jacket. Remember to add bright socks to coordinate the outfit successfully.

Double Trouble

Once known as the Canadian tuxedo, denim-on-denim is a bold look that can be difficult to pull off if one is not in the know. The biggest faux pas made with this ensemble is pairing denim of the same colour together; this is not advised. A denim shirt and jeans or denim jacket and jeans are good combinations to adhere to. For the less bold, a chambray shirt is ideal; otherwise stick to denims of different shades and fit- acid wash denim is a good idea. It is advised to limit the number of denim items to two, which can be offset with a colourful jacket or bright sneakers. A belt is also a great addition to the outfit, in order to bring contrast to the look.

DG_DistressedRipped knee

A pair of jeans with a ripped knee says a lot about a man. It brings edginess to the outfit, and manages to complement a tailored look, while still retaining a playful expression. Just be careful though, too many holes or rips in a pair of jeans looks like a person needs to take up darning. Keep the rip minimal to avoid scruffiness, and make sure it doesn’t get bigger. Straight leg jeans are a good option for a ripped knee, paired with a jersey and boots or sneakers.

Acceptable Distress

There are varying levels of distressed jeans. You can look like a hippie who attended the original Woodstock in 1969 and never took their denims off or you can take a more subtle approach with a more well-washed pair of denims that has faded colour. The trick is to know your look. If you wear ties and jackets then the chances are that you require a slightly less distressed denim. If you like to wear t-shirts and attended metal concerts with mosh pits, then you can go for the full double-knee rip denim and be pretty comfortable.
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