Sock Care

How do I take care of my socks?

Wash at 40° C or what some might term “Luke Warm” water.

Be cautious when putting on your socks – if you pull too hard you might rip the sock.

If you’re toenails are not taken care of, they could create a rip in the socks. We love our socks, take care of them and they’ll take care of you!

Should I tumble dry my socks?

No, tumble drying is not recommended as it can affect the shape and fit of the socks.

Do I need to hand wash my socks?

Washing the socks by hand is not necessary, it is recommended that the socks be washed on a delicate machine setting, and a low temperature.

How Long Will Bamboo Socks Last?

Our incredible bamboo socks are what we’d call occasion socks. One pair on it's own is not meant to be worn every single day straight after each other, as much as you might love them. We recommend getting 7 pairs of sock, one for each day of the week to keep your feet 100% happy 100% of the time.

Take care when you wear our signature bamboo socks and they’ll last you for longer!