Clothing Charities in South Africa

Clothing Charities in South Africa

With winter now in full swing, we are all bundling up against the cold and trying to stay as warm as possible. This may seem like a trivial thing that we do every here and then forget about, but there are many people in this country that don’t have the luxury of putting on a warm jersey or even a pair of socks.

Considering how much clothing is bought every year, it is easy to assume that everyone has at least jersey, t-shirt, or a pair of track pants that we just don’t wear anymore, and these charities will help you get it to someone who desperately needs it.

Aaron’s Rock Your Socks

Aaron’s Rock Your Socks is a charity started by Aaron, who is 8 years old, whose main goal is to ensure everyone has a warm pair of socks every day. Especially in winter, the charity aims to give the less fortunate some warmth during these cold days.

Nic Harry has donated many pairs of socks to this worthy cause, and even though it may seem simple, to the people Aaron and his charity are helping, this small gesture of receiving a fresh, new pair of socks, can make a world of difference.

Facebook page - Aaron's Rock Your Socks

The Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank is an incredible charity that has built connections and relationships with Woolworths, Mr Price, Pick n Pay, Clicks and the Foschini Group. These relationships allow the charity to receive the excess clothing from the end of season sales and returns.

The charity then sells this excess clothing at a discounted price to unemployed people, usually women, to allow them to start their own business and resell the clothing. Not only supporting unemployed people but allowing the less fortunate people to purchase new, good quality clothes at discounted prices.


Many people don’t realise how useful their old clothing is for animal charities like the SPCA. It does not matter if you donate big or small, t-shirts or socks, these charities can turn your old clothing into beds and blankets for needy animals in these cold months.

Animal charities are often overlooked, and most people donate food. Obviously donating food is brilliant and everyone should keep donating bags or dry food or tinned food, but clothing can keep these animals warm during the long cold nights, as they often have to sleep outside.

Nkosi’s Haven

Nkosi’s Haven homes children who have HIV or who have lost parents to the disease. They house and feed these kids, often times for years, and like most charities, they are always in need of donations.

They not only take clothing but food, toys, bedding and furniture, anything that can help each child have a more comfortable stay and life. Even if it is just a jersey or a pillow, that is something a child may not have had to begin with.

Just Us For Children

Just Us For Children, in Durban, is a non-profit organization whose aim is to protect and take in children who have been the victims of any kind of abuse. Whether it be mental, physical or sexual, Just For Children’s only goal is to get these children somewhere safe.

Like most charities, they require clothing, food, special care packages and school supplies. They are a great cause to donate to if you are living in Durban, and your donation will not be misused and will definitely be well received.

These charities can always do with more help and donations. If you are wanting to donate clothes, food, stationery or even just your time, you will be making the world of difference to at least one child.

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